Immersion Heaters A Greatest Device For Various Heating Process In Many Industries

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Many industrial tasks require heat or thermal energy for their completion. The thermal energy helps them to maintain a steady temperature as and when required. Various liquids such as water and oils require a certain temperature at various points in many of the complicated factory works. The equipment may differ in their structure and their working principle. However, immersion heaters are definitely one of the most common equipment you can find in various industries in India.

They got their name due to their working mechanism. They practically immersed into the various types of liquids to generate the right amount of thermal energy. In any industry, the requirement of thermal energy depends on the nature of the tasks. Generally, the heat is generated by the passage of electricity through the heating element.

The heating element is mostly made of Nickel-Chromium alloy i.e. Nichrome. It has a very high melting point which is a benefit in heating the various kinds of liquids at high temperatures. It doesn’t go through much oxidization that helps them to function smoothly over a long period of time. Furthermore, new advanced equipment come with tools and techniques to easily control the temperature.

The industrial heaters have revolutionized the way several industries work today. They have a great contribution in the oil & gas, food, plastics and chemical industries. They are available in the following categories:

  • Screw Plug
  • Flanged
  • Over The Side
  • Circulation

Although, all of the above-mentioned varieties are usually immersed in the liquids to generate thermal energy, however, it’s their installation process and design architecture that differentiates them from each other. You may think that they can get burnout easily due to the fact that they remain in direct contact with the liquids. It can cause easy burn out for the equipment.

It actually happens pretty much with every type of immersion heaters. Nevertheless, you don’t need to think much about this burnout issue as it’s only the heating element inside them that cease to perform to its optimum potential. The beauty of such situation is that you can easily replace the heating element without much hassle and it will work just like it used to work before.

The easy installation and maintenance is a boon for the several industries in India. They can be easily removed and reinstalled to any other tanks or containers. It gives you immense flexibility in terms of their usage. Combine them with a perfect temperature control unit and you will have a sophisticated system of heat generation without wasting much of electricity.

The new age of industrial heaters conforms to modern safety regulations. It ensures the various liquids such as chemicals, oils and water are heated at appropriate levels as and whenever required.

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