Power Generation through Speed Breakers Using Rack and Pinion Mechanism

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In the current scenario electricity plays a major role in the human life. The per capita consumption and the availability of electricity in the country are regarded as the index of National Standard of Living in the present day civilization. Electricity is a major input in all the sectors of the country’s economy. Rapid increase in population and increase in standard of living of human beings can bring the situation of energy crisis in any country. India is almost on top for these two situations, and majorly suffers with the insufficient power generation.

Here, in this article we are discussing about how we can conserve the kinetic energy of the vehicles passing over of the speed breakers, which is going waste presently. Every single minute, the number of vehicles running on the roads is increasing, so we can take this condition positively and can make use of energy of vehicles to generate electricity. Under the speed breaker, setting up an electro- mechanical unit known to be “Power hump”, could help us conserving this energy and use it to produce electricity.

The complete set up is built beneath the speed breaker and when vehicle passes over it, it generates electricity. This mechanism involves very basic mechanical components. The electricity produced here is stored in rechargeable device such as battery (conservation) for future use (conversion). We can also increasing the capacity of power generation by arranging these power humps in series. Later on, we can use this power to light streets, traffic lights, and nearby areas, and thus helps in country’s economy. We could make it more efficient, by also keeping solar panels that provides power in need while the vehicles are not moving on the power hump.

Working Principle

rack and pinion mechanism

The block diagram above explains the mechanism of power generation from speed breakers. The vehicle weight and the speed acted upon the speed breaker unit is transmitted to rack and pinion arrangements. Then, reciprocating motion of the spring is converted into rotary motion using the rack and pinion arrangement. That rotary motion is given to dynamo, which converts mechanical energy produced into electrical energy. The generator/dynamo uses rotating coils of spring and magnetic fields to convert mechanical rotation into a pulsating DC current. That energy is stored into battery after that the inverter is used to convert DC current to AC current which is then supplied to street lights etc.

Alternative Methods:

The other possible six different mechanisms to generate electricity using the vehicle weight and speed are given below:

  1. Crank-shaft mechanism.
  2. Roller mechanism.
  3. Piezoelectric mechanism.
  4. Hydraulic mechanism.
  5. Air compression mechanism


  • Power generation with low initial and maintenance cost and using non-conventional energy sources which will help us to preserve the conventional energy sources to meet the future demand.
  • By using this technique, electricity will be generated all through the year without depending on other factors like sun, wind etc.
  • Easy for maintenance and no fuel transportation issue
  • Eco-friendly and Pollution free power generation
  • Less floor area required with no hindrance to traffic
  • Does not require manpower during power generation
  • This can be implemented on heavy traffic roads and toll booths and can be used to power the street lights, Road Signals, Sign boards on the roads etc.
  • It can be a solution to the electricity shortage in the villages near highways


“Electricity plays a very important role in our life”. Due to enormous increase in population, the present power generation techniques/processes have become inadequate to accomplish our requirements. In this project we discover technology to produce electricity from speed breakers, where the system produced is trustworthy and will help in conserving our natural resources. If in near future we use this technique, this will prove a huge bonus to the world, as the generated power can be used for illuminating Street Lights, Road Signals, Sign boards on the roads, Lighting of the bus stops, Lighting of the check post on the highways etc.. As the conventional sources are depleting quickly, it’s high time to consider alternative resources. So this system not only endows with alternative but also adds to the better economy of the country.

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