Sailing in Croatia as the Best Option for Recreation & Enjoyment in Europe

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Are you thinking about a sailing trip in Croatia just now? Do you feel excited to hear from your friends that they enjoyed immensely during sailing in Croatia on the east Adriatic Sea? This small and geographically diverse nation sharing its coastline with the Mediterranean Sea has been grabbing attention in recent times with interesting stories, pictures and holiday packages available all around the coast. There is an increased number of tourists, especially maritime tourists planning to visit this fascinating location during summer. There are some unimaginable features of Croatia sailing that appeal to a growing number of travellers to come to spend a holiday on the sea, making it the best option for recreation and enjoyment in the lifetime!

So, you might be thinking what is so special with the sailing in Croatia? Besides, why do so many people choose for sailing in Croatia in place of the highly popular tourism spots like Italy, Greece, or Spain? Well, it is possibly the best way to answer your question with a few commendable features organized in a list, so below are mentioned 5 things which make sailing in Croatia the best option for recreation and enjoyment in Europe!

  1. The Thrilling Adriatic Region

Many Croatian islands including the Hvar, Brac and Korcula are located on the Adriatic Sea, a concave part of the Mediterranean Sea. The Adriatic Sea is rather a shallow area, with a standard depth of about 173 meters. However it is neither the size nor the depth that makes the Adriatic region so spectacular, rather it’s the clarity of the seawater!. The saline water is perfectly clear so that the sea floor gets visible to tourists even when the depth gets to 15 meters!. In addition to this, the temperature of seawater stays in between 22 – 27°C in the summer, making it ideal for swimming for tourists.  Above all, no danger of sharks, jellyfish or any other predators to get stuck with, so it is a destinationn absolutely safe to swim at any time!

2. Thousand Plus Islands for Exploration

Croatia comprises of more than thousands of charming islands on the Mediterranean Sea! Imagine how much fun you will have visiting these islands one after another on a yacht.  Shockingly, only 69 out of them are inhabited ones which explain just how unscathed Croatia still is!. The most favorite islands included in Croatia sailing are the Split, Hvar, Scedro, Lastovo, Korcula letting you have the best entertainment (strolling, music, cooking, dancing, singing, restaurants) that these places has to offer.

  1. Fantastic Beaches

There are numerous fantastic beaches in Croatia distinguished with a mix of gorgeous natural surrounding, delightful little villages, and secret hidden inlets which are best for private relaxation. Sailing in Croatia enables you to move along exploring its shoreline, whilst taking a night/evening stroll on the beach or watching the sun setting or stars shining from the deck of your yacht.

  1. The Heightened Nightlife

If you love to dance, sing and party hard then sailing in Croatia is definitely the option to take up! Like other summer sailing destinations in the world, Croatia allows everyone to spend a great time. Here, the nightlife turns out to be far more exciting than anywhere else in the Mediterranean coast and with some of the best night clubs and music festivals like the Ultra Music in place, chances are that you may enjoy like never before. However if you prefer some more tranquil holidays, choose an operator that offers holidays away from the crowds. For example sailing away on a yacht?

  1. Wonderful Culture and Seafood

Just like Greece and Italy, Croatia inherits one of the ancient European cultures. You can see its Mediterranean culture to be highly inspired by both the Romans and Greeks. That’s why you will come across exceptional architecture all over, such as prehistoric domes, palaces, and ruins of age old cities. You will have the chance to see some of the most striking European cathedrals, museums and take tours discovering Croatia’s ancient history.

Along with the Croatian culture, you will taste Mediterranean cuisine in seaside restaurants that would make your sailing in Croatia memorable. Think about mouth watering seafood you want to eat in Italy available with a continental flavor in Croatia. Sounds tempting, doesn`t it?

You are free to go on Croatia sailing for days to know how amazing Croatia is, but the above 5 keynotes are enough to tell you how interesting your sailing in Croatia can really be. So if you are looking to have a fun and relaxing sailing holiday, spend time exploring uninhabited islands, eating good seafood, meeting like-minded people, and wishing to have great moments of sun, sailing and sea, then think of nothing else than the magical option of sailing in Croatia!

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