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Emergency or warning lights are used in all the types of motor vehicles. It may be the breaks, the indicators, the emergency or the siren. They cannot be just mistreated. When it comes to the airways, the entire LED obstruction lighting considers the warning signs quite seriously. When you are flying, other tall buildings and planes and structures can distract the pilot. The probability of this disturbance will increase in the night. Here is where the aviation industry will play its part.

In simple words, these warning lights will have an illumination level that is high. This will help in directing the plane in the correct path. It may be the runway or also in the air. In the normal circumstances, they will be fitted on the structures that are tall. Mostly a height of about 200 feet. This will help to prevent the collision of the aircraft into other planes or tall structures. These lights assist the controllers of the plane to locate a position from the ground.

These lights are mainly divided into two types. There are white lights and the red lights. The red ones are majorly used during the night. This is because they will not be affected by the surrounding areas’ rays. In the urban centers, almost all airports will use the LED lights. On the other hand, the white lights will be utilized at night. There are also two types of the white lights. One is the medium density lights. They will be fitted to a height of about 500 feet. There are also high-intensity white lights. These will be mounted on even more heights.

These lights have some advantages over the incandescent bulbs. High illumination LED bulbs to do better that than the bright light modules. They are easy to install, and they illuminate better. It is proven the fact that these lights perform much better when they are compared to the conventional incandescent bulbs, and most aviation services prefer using them.

The best part lies with these lights in the fact that they offer efficient illumination with a low power consumption. The small sizes of these lights will make them quite flexible for installation and final lighting effect. Their life expectancy is also high. Their Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF) is about 10,000 hours. This is a good comparison to the incandescent bulbs. Another major benefit is that they help in the consumption of power up to a large extent.

In this aviation industry, the avoidance of collision is a measure that is made of heavily. The lighting of high-intensity will bring about a rise in the structure’s visibility so that the aircraft can pass. These lights have a high intensity for them to be viewed from several miles away.

These lights are also cost efficient. The give you the premium quality of light at a lower cost. Do not be fooled into thinking that the lower price is due to low quality. The quality of these lights is competitive with the other bulbs in the market.

There is also a significant change in the industry of horticulture. Most gardeners are now taking the opportunity of using the new LED light technology in growing. From the 1960s, these lights have been a staple for the electronics, after the transistor was developed.

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