How To Maintain Aircraft Rentals Burlington WA

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Just like your vehicle, plane maintenance varies depending on the type of plane, how much you fly and how it’s used. When acquiring a plane on rent, it is criticals that you ensure it is fully functional and in the right shape. However, no matter what type of aircraft you have, maintenance is an ongoing, comprehensive process. To safety and flight comfort, the entire plane should be examined, maintained and repaired (as necessary) on a regular basis. This article advises you how to keep aircraft rentals Burlington WA properly maintained.

The FAA has stringent safety standards in place, and all planes must abide by these regulations. You must undertake operational and maintenance checks to your airplane after a specified number of flight time hours and calendar months. Certain jet equipment even has a flight cycle limit and must be replaced as soon as the maximum usage attained.

Contrary to the scenes portrayed on TV and in the movies, not all private planes are large jetliners complete with catered food, on-board entertainment, and stocked bars. There are some private planes that you can select from, including; Turboprops: These small charter planes have a passenger capacity of 4-9 people and are a suitable option for short flights. Cabins in these planes tend to be small, with headroom typically around 4’8.” Flight ranges for turboprops are around 1,000 miles.

Having a skilled Aircraft Maintenance Technician (AMT), also known as an A & P for Airframe and Powerplant, in your corner is critical. Very few pilots have the knowledge, time and ongoing education to perform their maintenance checks.

Private bookings save on time. With a rental craft, you can time your flight to suit your business requirements. Quick take-off, easy and fast check-out from the airport after reaching the destination helps you save precious time and increase business productivity.

Heavy jets: These planes seat 14 – 16 passengers and have a six ft. Ceiling height. These are the typical “corporate” jets that many companies use.

Your plane should be thoroughly inspected immediately before and after each flight by the pilot in command. However, if you fly occasionally, it’s also important that your plane is well-taken care off, even while in storage. Besides, it is best to take all planes on short flights so that they’re not “sitting cold” for weeks or months on end-hiring. A pilot in conjunction with an AMT to do such work for you is a smart move, especially if your schedule doesn’t allow for frequent flights.

Again, just how much maintenance you require depends wholly on the airplane in question. For the best results, safest flights and to extend the life of your plane choose an AMT who specializes in your type of plane. From pre-purchase evaluations to complete annual inspections and quick, efficient emergency repairs, you, your passengers and your aircraft deserve only the best. Ideally, AMTs come with a diverse skill set and are probably pilots themselves-after all.

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