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Hunting is a practice where hunters trap or kill animals. It is usually done for either food or as a recreational activity. Hunters are basically people that practice the art of killing or trapping animals. Hunting can be lawful, that means the hunters have a permit that allows them to practice hunting. It can also be unlawful, commonly referred to as poaching. This is the illegal killing or trapping of animals. Barbary sheep hunting is both illegal and legal dependent on the region.

the exercise is also done to remove predators that are dangerous to domestic animals in a specific area. Though most hunters that do unlawful hunting usually do it for trade purposes. They trade goods such as animal skins, elephant tusks and rhino horns. Fishing is also considered as a form of hunting. It has been done since medieval times.

In the olden times, man practiced hunting and gathering so as to get food for their families. This is evidenced through the discovery of early tools which man used in the past for this purpose. The tools suited for this job included spears, bows and the arrows. The activity business is still practiced today to get food, especially among some African communities. However, this has resulted to the decrease in population of some animals and created many environmental problems.

One of the species found in the even-toe category of animals are the antelopes. The antelopes are native animals in some areas of the world especially in Africa. The distribution of these species across the world was through importation as some nations such as the United States. These animals are characterized by their leaping and elusive skills. Their decrease in number is due to exploitation by man.

It is practiced all over the world for food, skin or horns. In United States the antelopes were imported from all over the world to be used for exotic game hunting. Their meat provides very exotic and delicious dishes. Their skins can be sold to leather companies to be used to produce goods such as shoes. The horns are special antiques that one can keep in the house. They can be used in interior decor of a house or commercial space such as hotels.

The activity offers a lot of fun and outdoor experience to people. Savannah grasslands are regions where the antelopes are mostly found. There should be permission given out from the relevant authorities to hunters before they can hunt game. This kind of activity requires one to be fit since the activity involves long walks. Because of the sharp eyesight of the antelopes, an individual has to be quick and diligent because it is very easy for the animal to escape.

Antelopes also occupy mainly public open spaces and one needs to practice camouflaging in order to get close and hunt them. In order to do this belly crawling under the grass is one of the things hunters need to familiarize themselves with. They usually exist in herds one can also kill them using a long distance rifles.

The rifles are capable of a long range precision. The activity usually occurs in specific seasons. The permit also allows the hunters to only kill one game. This is done in order to safeguard the species from extinction.

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