How To Use A Mole Trap

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Moles are one of the major pests that can invade a yard and cause huge damage. Moles are usually attracted to a place where there is a source of food for them. Typical food sources for them include ants and insects. Once they are in a place, they may dig around and cause damage to the landscape and vegetation. There are several ways of dealing with moles and one of the most effective ways is to use a mole trap.

Other ways of controlling moles may include removing their food source. This may involve getting rid of the insects that are attracting the moles in a place. However, removing the food source may not be a permanent solution because insects can always return. Also, if the moles are being attracted by vegetation, it can be a challenge to remove all vegetation. This is the case especially if the vegetation adds value to the place.

The use of chemicals like repellents or poison can be another alternative way of handling the moles. The use of repellents produces a certain smell that disgusts moles, therefore making them to move to other areas.Poisoning may not be the correct way of killing moles since they will die and thereafter give smell which will lead to air pollution. Poisoning is also a cruel way of handling moles.

Trapping is therefore the best way of handling moles. This is because it does not involve killing of moles and it has no effect when used. The stuck animal can be moved to another area without being injured. Traps can be long lasting since a lot of moles can be caught therefore reducing their numbers.

There are several different kinds of traps. Major examples are scissor, tube, and choker traps. Scissor trap is very common, and can be found in almost all garden centers, shopping malls, and hardware stores. It is very efficient and easy to use. Installation is easy and does not need one to have experience or any expertise. They are also cheap, which makes them an excellent choice for anyone.

On how to use scissors, one has to install at the tunnel where they usually use as their pathway. One should install the scissor where the mole was seen last. A good indicator if the mole is around the tunnel is presence of fresh soil. Scissor is pushed into the tunnel to ensure that no animal evades. Sometimes they are put more than twice at different places to ensure no mole will move in or out.

Tube traps are a bit challenging to install and use. They involve digging the ground around the opening of the tunnel to place them. The hole dug must be big enough so that the device can fit in well. After placing the device, it needs to be activated. Its ends must be covered with soil to avoid alerting the pest about the presence of the device.

How successful one is with trapping the animals usually depends on the way the trap is placed. Also, the choice of the tunnel plays a big role. After installation, time should be allowed for results.

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