Funny To Serious WW3 Scenario That Could Happen

The global arena for politics is vast and vicious. It involves tons of money and influence too huge for some of us to see. With the number of people involved in the overall scheme, having different opinion and political will is apparent. Without balance, this could mean a great deal of chaos. This is why global leaders create organizations that hope to unite all lands under one law.

Amidsts the continuous pursuit of peace however, evil and conflict remains. Its something constant considering the differences of view by a lot of leaders and key people influencing the world economy. Put all the pressure together and you get people who talk about WW3 scenarios as an open possibility.

Many would dismiss world war three as something far fetched and even highly theoretical. But youll be surprised by just how much attention this idea is getting from a lot of people. You might have heard some of them. In fact you might even have a personal thought on what could trigger this worldwide war. Below however are some of the most outrageous one from the imaginative minds of theorists.

Gundam gets real. Wouldn’t it be a fancy to anime fans to actually see those colorful, badass Gundam go flying on air. It is. But its a whole new different story when you talk about using these machines to wield war against nations. For a technologically advanced country as Japan, this thing might just get real in the future. Fancy and deadly.

KPOP domination over the North. Not very likely but still a fancy thought. What if for once, North Korea becomes to engrossed with Souths idols that they actually decide to make peace. Or what if the South uses this influence to invade their neighbor. If the artists managed to gain influence across the world, whats stopping them from taking root in their neighbor country.

Russia combining powers with China and Iran for an all out nuclear war. The combined power of the three spells disaster and chaos. But its easy for some to imagine just how possible this scenario is. After all, they are pro nuclear. They are said to have common enemies and are open to political compromise when needed.

United States being hit by a super huge earthquake enough to cripple their economy and prevent them from extending help. The Big Apple is the sole superpower in the world. But a super earthquake might just be the factor that could become a major blow to America. After all, it cant be predicted. As lots of Christian believers would say, there must be a reason why America is never mentioned in the Holy Book.

New Hitler arises. We hope not, but what if. Germany is a rich country. It has the capacity to stand on its own against military assault. While its also considered as one of the safest, there is no telling specifically just what internal and external conflict in the future could do to spark pressure on its leaders.

Rumors of war are everywhere. We see signs of them while we listen to global news. This is exactly why we all have to be more aware. Its not enough to simply sit down and listen. Doing something right, and taking a strong stand on what you believe matters. Do you think a third world war is bound to happen. Share your own scenario.

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