Getting A Conservatorship Los Angeles For The Right Reasons

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The U. S. Constitution grants all law abiding citizens a host of rights that cannot be taken away from them as long as they show good judgment. Once people break the law or start showing signs of self-harm, danger to the public, irrationality, or extreme immaturity, those rights might need to be reevaluated. The evaluation process has to go through the courts and could cause a judge to say that a person needs to have someone in control of them. If you are chosen as the person to be in charge, you may need to understand the primary reasons why the court might set up a conservatorship Los Angeles with you as the overseer or conservator.

The primary reason someone might pursue this amount of control over another person to whom they are related or closely associated with centers on keeping that individual safe from harm. People whose judgment is compromised might engage in dangerous activities like taking drugs or driving recklessly. The arrangement would permit you to restrict the person’s driving and also limit his or her movement outside of the house.

Similarly, you would be granted full legal power to intercede when it comes to people trying to have influence over or come into contact with the individual in question. People who may try to take advantage of the person by compelling him or her to spend money or take drugs could incite this individual to engage in dangerous behavior. You as the conservator could prohibit those people from visiting, talking to, or trying to influence the person.

The arrangement would also come in handy if you or the relative or friend believe that he or she might be physically or emotionally compromised at some point to where the woman or man would need someone to step in and take control. For example, if this individual knows that he or she will undergo medical treatment that could leave the individual incapacitated for weeks or months, you and the person might enter into the agreement.

In the same way, someone with PTSD may realize that flashbacks and emotional outbursts stand in the way of making good judgment calls. The individual may ask you to help during these moments of extreme emotions. You and this individual can renegotiate or scrap the terms once he or she has gone through the appropriate medical and therapeutic treatment.

You cannot have the individual write out the agreement on a piece of paper, however. Both of you typically are encouraged to hire an attorney who specializes in this area of law. A judge would need to sign off on the order and agree to the terms of it.

The contract may be reviewed every year to make sure you are doing your job as a conservator and that the arrangement is still in the person’s best interests. Once people are recovered or deemed of sound mind again, most judges alter or release the order. In extreme cases, such orders are typically extended indefinitely.

These reasons are the most compelling for why you might want to arrange a conservatorship in Los Angeles or anywhere else as needed to help a friend or relative. The arrangement protects the loved one from legal, emotional, mental, and financial harm. It also is a legal setup that is fully ordered and monitored by the court.

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