How Responsive Web Design Impacts WordPress Themes

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Suppose you are using a photography WordPress theme and the pictures you are using doesn’t show up good on a mobile phone. Surely, you will run out on visitor count. In a recent survey conducted by Google, it was found that 50% of the web traffic comes from mobile devices like tablets, smart phones, Ipads etc. So it has become a necessity for the website developers to opt for a website design that fits in any type of screen. Here is where responsiveness comes to play. Let us dig deeper into what is a Responsive web design and its importance? And how it is impacting WordPress themes?

Responsive web design

It’s a technology through your website has the same layout across all the screen sizes further making it readable and easy to navigate. In other words, it is a technique which makes your website mobile friendly, thus raising up your SERPs.

Importance of Responsive web design
The main advantage is that Google crawlers take responsiveness of website into account too. So, more is your website mobile friendly, higher is your SEO ranking and an optimized site. Having two versions of website, one for mobile and other for desktop, will adversely affect your SEO. As the bots or web crawlers will be reading the same content twice and Search Engines hates content duplicacy.

On the other hand, for a responsive website, there will surely be one website and one code. So Search engine mark it unique and original, thus shooting up your website to higher ranks. With the coming up of mobilegeddon, another Google algorithm for Search Engine Optimization, the mobile friendly sites are ranked higher in SERPs (Search Engine Result Page).

How to make your website Responsive?
There are certain techniques which will make your website responsive.
Fluid layout: This technique is followed by developers long ago and is still followed. It’s not the HTML, but CSS controlled part. HTML does not play a major part in responsiveness of site. Rather than giving a fixed numbers or pixels in CSS, provide the data in ratio or percentages like ‘width: 90%’.
Mobile friendly technology: Opt for a website development tool based on its mobile friendly nature. Check out that if that technology supports mobile responsiveness or not.

Responsive themes: All best CMS are coming up with themes which are responsive or mobile friendly. Search for some good ones. I am sure now you photography WordPress theme, will not lose its layout and will win back all the visitors.

Plugins: In case your website is not responsive, then all the major CMS offer their users plugins to have a responsive web design. WordPress offers Wptouch and JetPack which will surely help customizing the mobile experience.

Impact on WordPress themes
As the code will be unified, your website will be more optimized and will have higher ranking in SEO. The demand for Responsive WordPress themes is increasing day by day and with each and every day, more and more responsive themes are coming in the market. It’s high time, if your website is not responsive, you need to either switch to a responsive theme or hire a developer to do it for you else your SEO will suffer heavily. It’s a tough work and will need a team of professionals. But by having a responsive theme, your website will draw more traffic and you will be able to recover the expenses shortly. Definitely, you don’t want any of your visitor to end up on your competitor’s site. Right?? This will further lower your rankings as the search engines believe that the content was not relevant to the keywords.

So, Go Responsive with WordPress Themes and lay the foundation of a great website. Good Luck!!!

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