The Best Ponte Vedra Beach Home Accessories Often Come From Found Materials

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Living in a house by the ocean, whether it is a main residence or a vacation retreat, is a special experience. Whatever the size or exterior of their houses, residents want the inside to reflect the light and breezy atmosphere of the outside. Many rely on popular magazines and websites for inspiration when it comes to Ponte Vedra beach home accessories.

One of the most common characteristics of houses found by the ocean is the amount, size, and style of the windows incorporated into their designs. This makes perfect sense because one of the best things about living by the water is the scenery. Bringing the outside tones and hues inside is a great idea.

White on white design is a frequent choice of ocean side homeowners. There are literally hundreds of different shades and variations of white to choose from. Pale blue or aqua tinted walls add just a touch of color, and many like to create splashes of more vibrant colors as contrast.

Accessorizing with found materials is a wonderful way to incorporate nature into design. The strategic use of driftwood is something designers suggest. How the wood is used is up to the taste of the homeowner, but many love the look of end tables and coffee tables that include driftwood bases. They can be easily topped with glass to make an elegant, interesting, and functional piece of furniture. Various pieces of driftwood can be mounted onto walls to become artwork as well.

Beachfront homeowners don’t have to go to the mall to find great items to accessorize their homes. It can be as simple as a walk on the beach. Sand dollars, shells, starfish, and pebbles can enhance the decor of any room. Whether shells are living or dead, like starfish and sand dollars, they have to be carefully cleaned. Unpleasant smells can result if these items are simply placed on a tables without thorough scouring.

Nautical themes are popular decorating themes in ocean side homes, and they are easy to accessorize. Boats come in all shapes and sizes, and lovers of these vessels often have particular favorites. Collections are be housed in curio cabinets or placed on mantels or shelves. In keeping with the nautical decor, knotted rope, ship wheel, and anchor designs make effective reinforcements of the ship motif.

The use of painted and distressed furnishings is common in ocean front houses. They can be used as the principle design element in a room or placed strategically throughout the residence. Glass bottles are an interesting complement to this type of design. They can be strung in the corner of a porch or patio. They can also be turned into wind chimes.

The possible uses of found materials from the ocean edges are limited only by the finder’s imagination. The end result may outshine even the most expensive purchased accessory. Accessories created from natural objects are unique and priceless.

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