Recognizing Roanoke STD Symptoms Is Critical For Sexually Active Virginians

Sexually transmitted diseases have been around for hundreds of years. Sex education is taught in most schools today, and teachers are usually allowed to discuss the various diseases associated with unprotected sexual contact and how to avoid getting them. It seems hard to believe but many Virginia natives, along with others throughout the country. Are still unable to describe the most commonly sexually transmitted diseases and their Roanoke STD symptoms.

One of the diseases that has been getting a lot of press lately is the human papilloma virus. It has affected almost a million people. A common misconception among young people is that engaging in oral sex reduces the risk of getting a sexually transmitted disease. Many who have never had anything but oral sex have wound up with HPV. The signs are genital warts and warts in the throat that, untreated, will eventually make it hard to breathe. Infected individuals may never see a symptom until they have an advanced case of HPV.

Herpes is another common disease that most individuals are at least familiar with, but many can not tell what the markers are. It can cause lesions in the mouth or genital area that are painful and hard to get rid of. Antibiotics can treat the lesions, but there is no cure for the disease which can flare up at any time. Herpes is transmitted by skin to skin contact. One partner can get it from another even when there are no visible signs of the condition.

The mostly commonly transmitted sexual disease of all is chlamydia. There may be no indication of the disease, so many people go for years without knowing they are infected. Many discount pain during intercourse or periodic discharge as a mere nuisance instead of a sign of disease. Chlamydia can be cured, and it can certainly be prevented with regular use of condoms.

People who notice a yellow tinge to their skin and the whites of their eyes, along with bloating and tiredness, need to be checked for hepatitis B. This is a very serious disease that will spread to the liver and can cause cirrhosis and cancer if left untreated. Unprotected sex is one way to contract hepatitis B.

When most people hear the terms gonorrhea and syphilis they think about people who lived hundreds of years ago and ended up going mad and dying from these diseases. Unfortunately, too many people are still contracting them today. There are almost a million new cases of gonorrhea itself each year. This condition is spread through all types of sexual contact and has subtle signs which can include burning during urination.

Syphilis is a bacterial infection that is caused by contact with an infected person who has small sores in the mouth or genital area. It can be transmitted to an unborn baby if the mother is infected. This disease may have no signs at all or may be indicated by the sores mentioned and hair loss, fever, and a skin rash. A condom is good protection against this disease.

No sexually active person is completely safe from sexually transmitted diseases. They are common, powerful, and some are hard to get rid of. Eliminating risky behaviors is a good way to ensure they don’t happen to you,

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