With Bailbonds Grand Rapids Residents Can Be Released When Arrested

Most people will be surprised to learn just how many arrests are made each year. The vast majority of those arrested are ordinary people that made stupid mistakes such as driving whilst under the influence. It is most certainly not possible to keep all these accused incarcerated until their cases can be heard. Luckily for them, with bailbonds Grand Rapids accused can go free until their cases appear in court.

Being arrested is a very serious matter. A conviction can lead to a life long criminal record and severe penalties. Lives can be ruined, families torn asunder and careers can vanish. It is therefore vital to appoint an experienced lawyer as soon as the arrest is made. No accused should ever think himself able to defend himself. He is almost certainly due to make serious errors that will haunt him for years to come.

Those arrested are released on bail routinely. This is because it is not practical to keep all accused locked up until their trial dates. There are simply not enough resources to do so. However, before an accused can be released on bail he must satisfy the court that he will not interfere with the case and that he will adhere to any other conditions stipulated by the court. He will also have to post a cash amount to secure his bail.

Most accused simply do not have the cash required to pay their bail. That is when bail bondsmen become important. These professionals specialize in providing loans to accused to allow them to post bail. They can be found near almost any court building and the application process is quick. Once the bail bondsman post the bail the accused is released.

Bondsmen are in business to turn a profit. They charge hefty fees and justify those fees by the high degree of risk they take by making loans to arrested individuals. On average, they charge around ten percent of the amount they loaned to the accused. This fee is not refundable in any circumstances. The client will also have to provide adequate security in the form of assets to cover the loan amount.

The agreement that the accused have to sign is a legally binding document. Unfortunately, most accused are so stressed at that time that they fail to read all the terms and conditions of that agreement. The fact is that they stand to suffer severe penalties if they break any of those terms or conditions. In such cases it is definitely better to ask the appointed attorney to handle matters.

Once a case is finalized the court will return the bail amount to the accused. However, if he breaks the conditions of bail, he will forfeit that money. In addition, he can be arrested once more and this time the court will not easily grant bail again. He will also face additional charges. It is vital, therefore, to strictly adhere to the conditions of bail at all times.

Every accused have the right to be considered for bail. The constitution clearly states that all accused people are considered to be innocent until the courts have found them guilty of a crime. The bail system allows families to stay together and it allows the accused to keep looking after his loved ones, to earn a living and to prepare his defence.

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