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This is an old practice that largely took part in geek. The geeks had public baths which had inlets and outlets of water for the frequent supply of water as these baths accommodated many people. The inlets were for clean water while the outlets for the waste water. The fetching of water of from the water sources was hectic so the only means to be implied in the transport of water was plumbing. These are the facts about Woodward Plumbing.

In modern days, the practice has grown a lot worldwide. A lot of mechanization came as a result of industrial revolution. New materials and methods were introduced, resulting into faster and wider growth of the industry. Asphalt piping that was initially in use leaked a lot of water and was ineffective. The piping was also not easily portable.

Then came lead piping that were very slow and caused poisoning due to the led particles that fall in to the water and consumed by human beings. It was later banned and finally more light and sophisticated materials such as copper, steel and PVC. This material provided portable water distribution pipes. They are light and flexible and can distribute water at a higher pressure compared to ancient methods.

In modern day there is the use of water pumps that are used in conveying water under high pressure enhancing transport of water over long distances. There are more inventions that have created to facilitate smooth flow of water like the valves, elbows, tees and unions. These accessories have facilitated the movement of water from the sources to the areas where it is needed.

The introduction of sealants enables the joining of pipes over a long distance. This enabled access of water by people living far from the source. This sealant include putty, tread seal tapes and pipe dope. The design aspect of the house is very important. This helps maintain the aesthetic view of the house. But with introduction of pipes tends to destroy this aspect.

In times back, piping was normally done below the floor of the house. That destroyed the aesthetic value of the house. From that is when the issue of installing these pipes in spaces came about thus introducing ducts. Ducts were used to hide pipes on sides of the wall thus maintaining the design of the house. It therefore became the best way of hiding pipes in walls.

In constructions and industries, ducting plays a major role. In most building, ducts are used since they are now part of construction requirements. They are good since they prevent wastage of water, by restricting free movement in case there is a leakage. As everyone knows that waste water has bad smell and can easily lead to diseases if left on the surface.

Hiding of these ducts also ensures safety of both humans and prevents the damage of pipes due to human activities. If they are left on the surface they easily get damaged because they are exposed. They can cause slipping accidents that can break a person leg or arm or cause injuries.

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