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Ants are basically insects that operate in the highest level of organization. They can be described as an evolution from a common ancestor with wasps. This is due to their slender waist and nod-like structure that appear to be the same as those of wasps. They exist in colonies of different sizes. These colonies are highly organized and occupy a very large area that can even consist of millions and millions of ants. To get assistance with ant control Port St Lucie should be visited.

The ants are located worldwide and appear everywhere apart from the clod areas like ice lands. They have a perfect way of living and blending in the different environments. This is because ants have the ability to change their habitats to accommodate them, maintain their organization, tap resources and defend themselves. Their survival is based on their collectivism and unity.

Ants have different sizes in their colonies. Sterile, wingless females are found in each colony. This is because they are said to be soldiers or workers while others are divided in special groups. Fertile male and women are found in each colony. Continuation of the colony and preservation of life is done through reproduction of new ants. Queen is a name given to females while males are referred to as the drones.

The unity and organization in performing tasks has been an inspiration and keen area of study for human beings. The ants play a huge role in the society as they are used in the making of cuisines, medication and are also used in performance of some rituals. Ants are quite useful to human beings though their exploitation of resources has become a big problem to human beings.

As they build their colonies their population increases making them to expand their colony. This expansion destroys human resources such as crops and some even invade buildings. Once they establish themselves an area they immediately start building colonies hence their population increases drastically. It becomes very hard to relocate them or get rid of them. They can cause pretty bad damages to a space.

Killing of a colony is one way that an individual can use in order to destroy the ants hence preventing them from rebuilding. It is advisable for one to study the behavior of ants first. Studying the ants helps in using of the best control measures. Sweet, protein or greasy foods are mostly fed on by these insects. The first thing that an individual has to do is getting rid of their main source of food.

The other method is elimination of the nest as this where reproduction occurs. The location of a nest can be by following a trail of the ants. The use of a recommended insecticide is advised so as to destroy the colony and also in treatment in the affected areas of a home. This prevents any attacks of the ants or coming back.

Ants play vital ecological roles despite of their hazards. Damaged caused by ants especially on crops can be suppressed by these ants. Aeration of the soil is also contributed by presence of these ants. Fertility of the soil to crops is also improved. They are also considered as food in some different parts of the world.

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