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Of all the pests that can infest your property, termites are the most bothersome. Termites cause five billion dollars of property damage each year. They can destroy your house without you ever knowing until much damage has been done. Termites can chew through flooring, wood and wallpaper undetected. They can even compromise the structural integrity of your home within a number of years. Removing these pests from your property is therefore vital. By opting for efficient termite removal Blue Island IL dwellers can prevent costly damage.

If you suspect that your property is infested by termites, you should contact a licensed pest control professional right away. The professional will determine the extent of the issue and recommend the suitable course of treatment. It takes time and patience to exterminate termites. Proper removal of termites depends on the approach used. It is necessary to do everything right.

In the U. S. A, subterranean termites are the most common. These pests can be eliminated through the use of liquid termiticides. These are chemicals that kill termites. They are usually applied deep into the ground around the foundation of a house so that they can reach to the nests of termites. In order to fully treat a house, pest control professionals may need to apply a few hundreds of gallons of termiticides.

If they are applied properly, liquid termiticides can control termites for at least 5 years. However, if some spots are missed during the application of termiticides, the pests can return. Reputable pest control experts are usually willing to retreat a property if the first treatment is not successful. Before termiticides are applied on your property, it is wise to ask the pest control professional if he or she offers a guarantee.

Another effective method of removing termites is the use of termite baits. They can be used together with liquid termiticides. The baits have a source of food and a poison that acts slowly. They should be placed in the ground near the foundation of a house or over tubes of mud where the activities of termites have been observed.

Another effective way to eliminate termites is a microwave spot treatment. Heat kills termites and you can have your house heated to high temperatures to eliminate the pests. Termite control professionals have the tools required to perform this procedure.

After eradicating termites, it is essential to take various measures to prevent future infestations. One of these measures is keeping your house dry. Termites are naturally attracted to moist habitats since they need water. Therefore, make sure that you suction up or broom away unwanted water if possible. Any standing water or leaks both inside and outside your property should be eliminated.

Keeping wood off your property will also help prevent future infestations. You should ensure that there are no large amounts of firewood or loose tree branches or trunks near your home. If you need to keep wood on your property, make sure that it is completely covered and dry. You can also treat the wood with permethrin. It is also essential to seal any cracks in your property. By caulking and sealing doorways, windows and cracks around your house, you will keep termites from invading it.

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