The Bed Bug Dog MA Is The Solution To This Menace

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There has been a growing trend in pest management towards the use of safer and greener pest management tools, yet bed bugs are often still detected and treated using crude and often dangerous methods. These methods sometimes include treating entire buildings with powerful pesticides or more effective heat treatments. In response to this, leading integrated pest management professionals now employ the use of bed bug dog MA for detection. Detection dogs or “sniffer dogs” have an acute sense of smell and can be trained to detect such substances as bombs, illegal drugs and even bed bugs.

Bed bugs are parasites that feed on human blood in order to reproduce. They latch on to the human host usually at night when people are sleeping. Most people will not even be aware that they have been bitten. But a little blood can help bed bugs to multiply by the thousands in a short while. The reason they are called bed bugs is because they are chiefly found nestling in mattresses bedding but that does not mean they are restricted to beds. They can travel through electrical switches and can hide behind wallpaper.

According to experts, it may also cause psychological symptoms. Interestingly, beg bugs are able to develop resistance to some pesticides like DDT and organophosphate. Pest control experts have found that it is very difficult to detect bugs and that if the infestation is not controlled, it would certainly affect the health of those dealing with a household infestation.

Unfortunately, dogs are a relatively new phenomenon and there may be fewer than 200 in operation in North America today. Without question, these numbers are growing, and in many larger communities, citizens are likely to find at least one pest control company that uses dogs for detecting bed bugs, along with other house pests as well.

The main advantage of bed bug detection dogs is that they are a capable of narrowing down the infected area with a great deal of specificity. For early stage infestations, and infestations in very large buildings, this often means that the pest treatment can be localized to a much smaller area.

Since the world has become a smaller place travelers are unwittingly bringing the bugs in with their bags. Bed Bugs are found in all kinds of dwellings, apartments, houses dormitories, ships and even hospitals. The reason they are so hard to eradicate is that they are so hard to spot.

Once detected, the pest control agencies use the appropriate protocols to combat the menace. The other method now used to exterminate these bugs involves application of heat in the areas of the building where bugs are detected.

Because of the annoyances that the bothersome bed bug brings to people, exterminators have made it their one of their missions to rid homes of these pests. Eradicating bed bugs is not always a straightforward task. These bugs tend to hide in nooks and crannies, and their eggs are extremely difficult to locate. Many pest control companies in the US specialize in the extermination of bed bugs and other common house pests.

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