The Areas Covered By Riverside County Home Inspector

Buying or selling a house is a process that requires proper considerations of different aspects. The inspection is one important activity to carry out before any deals are closed. Riverside County home inspector is a professional who do the job of inspecting the premise. The main purpose of this inspection is to assess the condition of the house as per the time of inspection. Findings from this activity help the client make an informed decision on the pending purchase.

Structure. A structural inspection of entire premises is done. Checking the roof and the ceiling condition, the foundation must be strong and not at obvious risk due to poor water drainage, or the nature of walls which causes molds to form all over it, weakening the building materials. Cracks are checked on the floor. Any damages which risk the safety of the house are reported.

Plumbing system. Pipes are tested to check if they pass water properly. All water outlets and filters are also tested. The pressure of the water is observed. The inspector identifies the connections of particular pipes and takes note of where the supply is coming from. Water wells are treated to eliminate bacteria. The drainage system is checked for any leaks or clogging. Safety of water heaters is also reviewed.

Inspection of heating and air conditioning system. The inspector observes the main components of the system to ensure that its performance is optimal. In the case of a malfunction or faulty equipment. Repair or replacement is done. Disassembling the equipment is not allowed, so inspection is limited to checking the visible parts.

Roof. The inspector climbs the roofing area to check for any problems, could be leakage, rust, rot or decay on the roof. Could be the roof is too old and needs to be changed. The proximity of the roof to the trees is noted. Trees should not be too close to the roof because they can be a pathway to rodents, and might also cause damage by falling on it in the event of harsh winds.

House Appliances. The appliances that are built-in and are included in the purchase; dishwasher, microwaves, dryers, refrigerators and washers, smoke detectors, alarms, door bells, should be tested for normal functioning and how old they are. If they are old and not in good conditions, they should be replaced or repaired.

Electrical. Switches, outlets, circuit breakers, and panels should all be in good working order. Wiring should be safe and neatly done. All connections should be tested for any faults. Grounding system should be operational for the safety of the house and the equipment. Outlets should be strategically placed.

As a conclusion, the inspection is an important practice before purchasing a premise. Despite the effectiveness of the inspection, it is, however, important to note that, home inspectors are not perfect. This is because their assessment is based on the things they can observe. They are not allowed to disassemble equipment or break into walls. Their job is to check that the key components are in good condition. In case they miss anything due to carelessness you can get a refund as per the contract.

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