Procedure For Ceramic Tile Installation San Mateo CA

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Before starting any floor remodeling job, it is important for someone to conduct a pilot study in the place of work. This is to familiarize yourself with the work area. You take the opportunity also to look for major problems that you might face and the tools you will need while working. The work, in this case, is ceramic tile installation San Mateo CA.

Most people will do remodeling of floors using slates. Some floors are made of asbestos whose fibers when inhaled can cause lung cancer. This shows the purpose of studying the area before commencing the project. When aware of the dangers you are likely to encounter, take precautions. Wearing a gas mask will prevent you from breathing the fiber. Carry goggles to protect the eyes and leather gloves for the hands.

You will need a notched trowel to apply mortar, a bubble level, sealant, a square, a tape measure, slate cutter, grout, and a puff knife. These are the tools you are likely to use in the process of remodeling. If you do not have all of them, it is advisable to hire or purchase them.

Some floors make it difficult to lay ceramic slates since some are made of plywood immediately below the top cover. If you come across such a case, it is good first to prepare a layer separating the shingles and the hardwood to prevent moisture from reaching the wood. Better flooring is one that has a strong subflooring, and whether wooden or concrete, subflooring should be able to support the tiles so that they do not break. Floors that are made of concrete are easy to install tiles.

When the subflooring is complete, be keen to mark the point at the center of the area you measure since it is the point where you start the slate installation. From the mark you have made, use the tape measure to get the length across the room from all directions. Start laying the pantiles at the designated location.

The first tile should be placed very carefully to ensure it falls in the right location. The purpose of the notched trowel comes in at this step. It is used to apply adhesive to the tile on the floor. After smearing, place the shingle carefully and then use force and a little twisting for the slate to be firm on the surface.

You can use a piece of cloth to wipe up the adhesive that will be in excess after applying it on the back of the shingle. Do this for all the other bricks and in case you need to reduce the size of the pantile measure the distance and then cut it.

The first slate is the only one that has issue placing. The others are easy to install and within no time you are done. Apply mixed cement in the spaces between the slates and allow it to dry. Then cover the floor.

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