Playing Safely On Swing Sets Olathe KS Youngsters Love

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Most experts agree that spending numerous hours out of the day on computers and other electronic devices is not good for small children. A much better idea is to send them outside to play and interact with other kids. Playgrounds are a wonderful place to accomplish this. It is imperative however that certain rules and guidelines be established to ensure the safety of any swing sets Olathe KS youngsters ride.

Parents should not assume that playground equipment is safe for use without supervision. Even older children can get into trouble if they don’t follow basic rules. You might think you have everything under control because you can see what is going on outside through an interior window. You may be able to see what is going on, but getting to a young child before something happens is a different story.

Where you decide to install the equipment can make the difference between a fall that only causes a bump and tears and one that breaks bones. Most parents know putting up sets on asphalt or other unyielding surfaces is a bad idea, but many don’t consider the hazards of installing swings over grass and dirt. Placing rubber mats, mulch, wood chips, and sand under equipment is safer.

When you are looking at swings for your children, you should keep in mind their age and physical capabilities. Young children need to be kept away from equipment designed for older ones. Baby bucket seats need to be separate from the flat seats.

Teaching children safety rules and enforcing them is important to keep everyone safe. It is not difficult to impose certain guidelines, especially when several children are playing together. Kids should learn right away not to walk in front or behind other children who are swinging. If the one on the swings decides to jump, he or she needs to look first to make sure no one is in the way.

Swings have other rules that are special to them. Kneeling and standing on the seats is not a good idea. Walking in front or behind someone swinging can cause serious injury to the person on the ground. There are swings that allow more than one person to sit at a time. Unless your child is on one of these swings, only one person at a time is the rule.

Some sets come with slides, and slides come with their own rules. Climbing up the slide to slide back down is not acceptable. This is what the steps are for. Sliding face down is not a good idea and can cause serious facial burns. More than one at a time on the slide should not be allowed.

As a parent, it is your responsibility to make sure backyard play equipment is in good working order. You need to routinely check the bolts, screws and other metals to make sure they are not exposed.

All children need physical activity. It creates an outlet for their energy, encourages socializing, and burns calories, all good reasons to make sure your children have plenty opportunities for active play.

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