Office Cleaning Professionals Work During The Evening While You Sleep

The plain fact that you probably already know is that your commercial office spaces get dirty every day. This is not something that is malicious. It is your employees throwing trash and recyclables away. It is you and your team mates using the restrooms and the break areas. There is only one to way to eliminate it, since you cannot stop it, and that is by hiring the best office cleaning company to come and get it cleaned up every evening.

The number of custodial cleaning companies, in Willmington, NC, might just surprise you. There will be some that specialize in things like window cleaning, carpeting shampooing or food plant sanitation. There will also be those that do nothing but offices and cubicles and there is a lot to do in them, believe it or not.

The crew that will be cleaning these spaces have many areas and quite a few disciplines they need to be trained into. The offices, cubicles and common areas are just a few of them. This involves, it may not surprise you, a lot of dusting. There is high level, eye level and low dusting to do a complete job of this. That trash and recycling does not take itself out, either.

The targets of all of this dusting is, of course, the horizontal surfaces, meaning desks, shelving, picture, window and door frames. The desk may need to be wet cleaned to remove drink or food spills. The cubicles have partition walls that need to be dusted and set up for an appropriate cleaning schedule.

Restrooms are within the same office areas. These need to be dusted, from top to bottom, as well as scrubbed. The bacteria, germs and other allergens must be removed to prevent them from infecting the next person to use this important room. The floors are equally as important as they are swept and mopped with cleansers specially formulated for this space.

Kitchens and or break areas are taken care of to help prevent germs, bacteria and food borne diseases from being passed onto anyone else. All counters, tables, chairs and refrigerators will be dusted and wiped off. Microwaves are a particularly dirty appliance and will be cleaned, as appropriate each shift. Refrigerators will be scheduled for the removal of all old items and scrubbed out at your convenience.

A very good service you might consider is the day porters that are offered by some janitorial companies. They will roam through your facility, looking for anything that is amiss and take care of it. They spend a good portion of their time in the break and kitchen areas as well as the restrooms, ensuring they are well stocked and looking great. Think about the mess that does not get a chance to happen because someone is there to handle right now.

When you realize your Wilmington, NC commercial building cannot be kept cleaned by your personnel, it is time to contact a contract custodial company. They have the personnel who are trained, not just in the principles of cleaning, but also the science of sanitation. They will work through the evening and into wee hours of the morning so your offices look good the next day.

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