How To Prevent Oregon Painting Sags

Now is the time to paint the exterior of your home. It is best to start on the sunny side of your home first and the reason for that is because it’s likely there is still dew on the shaded side of your home in the morning. Tip: Your house must be perfectly dry in order to start. Have a look at the article Oregon Painting the exterior of your home.

Laying out the correct tools and materials: before you embark on any journey you need to prepare yourself well. Make sure you cover the entire floor so that no area can be seen. Next, pour the paint you will be using into the paint roller tray, and place it on the floor or work area where you will be passing through. A point to put into consideration also is to wear the correct gears.

This is to apply the paint more securely to the surface and also to remedy any sag that may have occurred. Sags can be observed most commonly on commercial applications, often in these circumstances the contractor is under strict deadlines and the quality of the job is not the top priority. When trying to achieve one coat with a sprayer you can end up with sag if not careful.

When rolling its generally the same reason; over-accumulation of paint on the wall, but a whole different cause. While rolling, the paint sags start before the roller even touches the wall. The perpetrator here is getting the paint off the roller. The only way to do that is back roll in your pan. Those grooves in the pan are there for this reason.

Paint the corner of the room: now instead of using paint roller, you are going to need to use a paint brush to paint the corners of the room. Using your brush, simply dip the brush into paint and smoothly begin brushing over the corner and sides of the wall. Make sure you are very careful when approaching a skirting or floor.

Now that you have primed the airless, make sure that there isn’t a tip in the gun of the airless and bring it over to the empty bucket. Since there is typically cleaning solution in the hose leading to the gun it is a good idea to spray that out until you see thick paint coming out. Once you have thick paint coming out you may put your tip back in. Remember that the tip will have an arrow on one side of the handle that shows which direction it must be in, in order to spray.

Brush work is similar to rolling. It is similar in the sense that you are going through the same procedures. When applying paint on your brush you have to the right amount appropriate for the job. You need enough paint to obviously get paint on the wall, but not too much that the paint is going to drip from your brush land on the floor. On the other hand, someone wants the job done so please do not dry brush. There are a few schools of thought on how to get your paint off your brush.

Now that you have the airless paint sprayer and your extension ladders it’s time to paint your home. I would highly recommend painting the siding of your home first before the trim. The reason being is so you can just spray the house as fast as you can without worrying about painting a section of trim that you already painted. So paint the siding and soffit first followed by painting the trim.

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