How To Conduct Cabinet Refinishing In Your Home

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As a homeowner, you have numerous responsibilities to attend to in order to make sure that everything is maintained properly. Part of these responsibilities include regularly cleaning and performing some maintenance and repair work on certain fixtures that have acquired some damages over time. Not only does it add more functionality and a sense of decoration to the home, it also aids in maintaining its market value.

When it comes to renovations, a room that is most used and commonly a participant of renovating is the kitchen. This is partly because it is one used a lot for cooking and eating meals, which means it easily gets damaged and requires more time and attention to maintain. In relation to this, the succeeding paragraphs will be containing a step by step guide to doing Cabinet Refinishing Utah.

To conduct this task, prep the surface first by removing all the items contained inside. This generally includes dishes, eating utensils, cooking tools, and so on. Store it somewhere safe while you improve on its storage area first. By removing these things, you prevent accidentally painting them and causing damage to it.

Once you complete this, start to carefully remove the shelf and transport it to the room where you will be doing most of the work. Make sure to apply some newspaper on the ground, to prevent any stains. When it does not remove easy, you will need to remove the supporters that are keeping it attached to the wall behind it. The supporters and screws should be stored properly, since you will need it afterwards.

At this point, you need to clean the cabinet thoroughly. Use whatever cleaning product you prefer and make sure to scrub the surface properly. This helps remove any existing stains, dirt, or possibly and dust that has gathered. While doing this, soak the other components in a soap solution so it also becomes clean. Make sure to use sandpaper to remove the varnish and paint, so you have a clean slate.

Furthermore, it would be best to strip your cabinet altogether. By doing so, you get its original design and have a clean slate. This is achievable by using all kinds of strong chemicals for all kinds of products applied like varnish, paint, and other things. For instance, turpentine would be better suited for removing a wax finish. After which, sand the surface again once it becomes dry to smooth it out and to remove dust.

For using a paint finish, there is a need for you to prime it beforehand. Simply use a primer that will suit best. When you are unsure on this aspect, ask the help of the attending sales clerk at your local hardware store to get some valuable input on the matter. When you intend to use oil paint, then get a primer that is also oil based.

After buying all these things, start to paint the primer. Once it dries, use your brush or sprayer to apply the new coating of paint. If you would like an easier application process and want the surface to be smoother, use a high quality sprayer instead. It is also the best option when you would like to have a glossy finish, as opposed to matte.

To sum it all up, those are the various stages in refinishing the cabinets that you have in your kitchen. The purpose of this article is to guide the reader into the various stages it entails. By following each stage properly, thy will surely get the results they aimed to achieve.

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