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Foundations refer to the footings that are built at the lower side of a building structure in order to provide stability. A building experiences various types of loads which include live loads mainly from the occupants. Dead loads which is from the furniture and equipment. A structure mainly consists of structural elements such as beams and columns or load bearing walls. For those in need of foundation repair Dallas is the way to go.

Pressure exerted to the footing by the different loads is transferred by these elements. The structure gets stability by directing the pressure downwards. The size of the footing has to be increased depending on the kind of soil found in the area. This will provide good results. Unlike good soil, poor soil requires deep footing and big area coverage of footings.

There are various types of foundations which include Strip foundation. This is a most commonly used foundation in the construction industry. It is basically used to provide stability in housed or buildings located in areas that have good soils. They are made up of a foundation wall and foot. The wall is usually made of either masonry or bricks while the base is made of concrete.

Another type of slab is the raft foundation that are often used in the construction of basements. They usually occupy the entire floor area of a building hence it acts as both the floor and slab for a building. It is normally used in areas with weak soils that have a poor stability. Individual footing for the columns is required in order to increase stability.

Apart from those there is the pile slab where several columns that are made of timber, concrete or steel called piles. These piles are drilled into the ground to provide support for the building which constructed on top. This has been improvised in areas that have weak sol layers on the ground surface. This type of foundation is capable of handling any weight of the building as it is being constructed.

Water is one of the factors that cause slab problems. Problems such as unsettled movements can be caused because of water which causes soil to expand and contract rapidly. These unsettled movements can cause cracks or damages. Differential movements in the crust of the earth such as earthquakes can also be a cause. If the foundation is subjected to more load, it can get damaged. The load can be more than they were initially intended to carry.

In this case they may require repair. One can identify a foundation problem from various signs like cracks on walls and beams. Signs of uneven floor or cracks on the floor and formation of gaps between the doors and walls or between windows and walls. A person can also invite a structural engineer to help verify the problem.

Qualified personnel can help in repairing and they can use structural engineering drawings. Use of slab jacking and/or hydraulic piers are the various ways that an individual can use in repairing of the foundation.It is important for an individual to address foundation repair as soon as possible because they can cause major structural issues.

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