Do Commercial Security Systems Tampa Fl Require Landlines?

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The safety of your home and business is not something peopling take lightly and rightfully so. It is important to look into the options available to you when it comes to alarm systems and monitoring. Making this a priority in your life will bring you peace of mind. Many facts surround the safety industry regarding home alarms and commercial safety systems. In order to ensure you are getting all the advantages that come with safety alarms it is important to be informed. Below you will find some of the realities that come with the use of residential and commercial security systems Tampa fl.

Advances in Technology. Most of the higher quality business safety systems on the market connect via a cellular network. This means that they send a wireless signal to a monitoring center if a break-in is detected. Some products are also able to monitor a property 24 hours a day and are able to send a signal even if the alarm is tampered with or destroyed completely.

Camera surveillance of a business is quite common these days, particularly in larger businesses with a lot of assets to protect. It is also common in factories and other concerns where vandals may play a part in business loss or any other types of intruders and trespassers who may come in the cover of darkness. These help cover all the vast corners of the premise that a person would not be able to.

Also, a part of any good commercial security system will be fire prevention devices such as fire and smoke detection devices. A monitoring system for these is generally a good idea. While 24 hour monitoring of your security devices and the reactions of them is not a necessity, it can minimize the time which an intruder has inside your business, or that a fire has to gain a good foothold and consume your property.

Pets can trigger a false alarm. When a pet trips the alarm it is usually with the use of a motion detector security device. With today’s technology interior alarms can be equipped with a feature that makes then immune to your pet.

Not only is cellular technology safer, it is also faster. If a true breach occurs, a signal is sent to the monitoring center – up to four times faster than traditional landlines. It takes as much as 26 seconds for a landline signal to be sent to a monitoring station, compared with only six seconds for cellular. When true emergencies such as burglaries, fires or accidents occur, these few seconds can make a huge difference.

Convenience. Those that use cellular technology are not dependent on who provides your phone service. You can change phone companies at any time without having to worry about scheduling a service call with your safety provider.

How do you protect your business and create peace of mind for yourself? Business safety systems are your best measure of defense against burglary and other crimes that could occur at your business. One side benefit of the installation of a good commercial security system is that it will very often bring about a reduction in insurance premiums for the business owner.

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