Make Your Employees More Comfortable With A Woodbury Window Cleaning Firm

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If you have a lot of glass installed in your commercial building you know it gets dirty every day. It may not be noticeable but the wind is blowing almost all of the time. The wind brings debris and sticky material it can pick up in many places. This all attaches itself to your building and is most noted for its ability to clog your view of the beauty outside. In order to get them clean every once in a while, you need the services of a Woodbury window cleaning firm.

You will find many of these firms in Woodbury MN. Many of them will specialize in this task. Others will be separate departments in a larger custodial cleaning company. They have the equipment and trained technicians to make sure you get a clear image of all the beauty outside of your building.

The problems with dirty windows in not just that they look bad. They also have a tendency to deteriorate with time. Many of the contaminants that can get on these panes of glass will get into the sealant and cause it to pull away from the glass and framing. This can cause the glass to actually fall out in severe cases.

When you call the crew, they will arrive with just a few tools and supplies. You will notice they do all of their work with just a wet bar, a couple of different sized squeegees, a bucket and some cloths. They will utilize these items on all windows regardless of where they are located. Many people, passing by will often stop to see what they are doing and, precisely how they do it.

The glass on the first floor will often be cleaned with the technician standing on the ground. They can employ a pole to reach further than their arms will allow if needed. The rest of the floors will require specialized gear, such as lifting devices and other more esoteric equipment.

A special piece of equipment that will help on second floor cleaning is a scissor lift. This will help reach up to a height of about 30 feet. Anything up to about 70 feet can be handled by using a boom truck. This is a machine that can take two people to operate in a safe manner. It has an arm that can extend and is articulated so it is flexible enough to get everywhere with its reach.

The tall skyscraper type buildings will almost always have the appropriate anchors installed on the roof. If this is not the case, the right type of anchor can be installed quickly enough. This will allow the cleaners to go down the outside of the building, cleaning as they go. They can either utilize a gondola which is a platform, suspended from the roof, with side rails for safety. The other system can simply be a bucket chair.

The cleaning is accomplished in the same way for every window. They will use the wet bar to clean the glass. Then the squeegee, of the appropriate size, will be used to wipe the glass dry, revealing a clean, smudge free pane so your employees can day dream about what it is they want to do when they get off work.

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