Why Professional Development For Teachers Is So Important

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There can be no doubt that the educational system has changed. Teaching is no longer seen as a calling but rather as just another job. Educators have a difficult time. They have to work under tremendous pressure and they are expected to perform well despite all the institutional factors that make such accomplishments almost impossible. Sadly, professional development for teachers does not seem to be a high priority.

The lot of educators is not an easy one. They do not only conduct their classes, as many parents and others tend to think. They are, in fact, over burdened. They have far too much administrative responsibilities, they have to be involved in after hours activities, attend numerous meetings and find the time to prepare their lessons. It is no wonder most educators simply do not have the time to think about their own growth as educators.

Sadly, it is not just the educators that are under pressure. The whole system is under tremendous stress. There are not enough resources, not enough educators, not enough facilities, books, teaching aids and equipment. Educators have to deal with political pressure, manage to do their jobs without the ability to instil discipline and absolutely no time left for any for of personal growth.

Happily, there are some efforts to address these problems. One such effort is the system of instructional rounds. This system, which is easy to implement, simply involve groups of less experienced educators visiting the classes of experienced and acclaimed colleagues to see how they do it and to learn from them. The system has been implemented in many schools and have receive a thumbs up from everyone involved.

There have been studies on exactly what it is that highly successful educators do to keep up with the times. It seems that their personal dedication to their jobs drive them to take responsibility for their own growth as educators. They embrace technology, attend online seminars, participate in online forums and share ideas and problems with others. In short, they do not wait for the system to provide them with opportunities.

The potential of the internet in improving the quality of education cannot be overemphasized. Highly successful schools all allow their educators and students access to this vast platform of information. Educators can download teaching aids, research topics they teach and access a wide variety of resources that will almost certainly lessen their burden in the classroom. Students, too, benefit from the resources available online.

The modern trend of saying that trying your best is good enough is not good enough. Students will soon learn that modern life is extremely competitive and that a poor education, where good enough was the standard, will get them nowhere. Successful nations pay close attention to the quality of their educational systems and, of course, the professional development of their educators.

An under achieving youth cannot guarantee a great future. Every nation owes its success to the quality of its educational systems. If educators are given the opportunity to grow professionally, everyone benefits.

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