Ways To Boost Comprehension For Accelerated Reading Tests

There are several ways that you can encourage your kids to spend more time reading. Most parents use these methods and some schools have also adopted these techniques to motivate their kids to read more. You can decide to apply tests that come with different comprehensive questions. This quizzes are not easy and most of the times your kid may fail. The following are the ways you can employ to ensure that your kids are aware and passes this accelerated reading tests.

During reading, sessions make use of timers. When the timer stop the child should stop as well, ask the kid some questions related to what they learnt and allow the kid to illustrate using imagery everything they learnt. A kid will develop keen interest in reading everything they come when they realize that they have clearly comprehended all the concepts they learnt. To increase the child ability to understand facts well, you can challenge them to summaries everything they learnt in a single word or sentence.

Another good way is by listening to them read aloud and taking note of their pronunciations and correcting them when they err. Before they turn the page, ask them questions on the content they have read to test their understanding. In asking them questions you also prepare their mentality on the kind of questions that may arise in a setting of as story.

Kids are not able to make the right decision on what to read and when in a bookstore they may end up books that are beyond their comprehension. A wise parent should be keen on what the child reads. Make sure you introduce your kids to books with simple terms and as their studying culture grows to introduce more complex books. A book with a language too difficult for the kids can kill the children morale and suck their studying energies completely. The books you chose for the kids should mostly have a single script; a book with different stories can be hard to comprehend for the kids.

This can be well tested by them reading to you and you read to them as a way of interaction. In addition, get shorter books that you can test them on as opposed to testing them on books that have several chapters.

Ask them to read the sentence again and try to find out the meaning of the difficult word. When they constantly do this, they will have the ability to interpret different meanings of words. The difficult word should be noted somewhere especially at the top of that given page. Through doing this they can also learn to use the word.

Children should be taught to get the idea of the entire conversation first before going to books. This could be done by having them listen to stories that are told and giving a general overview of what the gist of the story is as well as the conversation that is going on. This way they are more aware of the story structures and the expectations when studying the books.

When you closely follow the above rules and still your kid does not excel in the tests, you need to find a solution. You can check the strengths and weaknesses of your kid in that particular lesson. You should check on how fluent they are especially when they are answering the questions. You should ensure that they understand the tough words and work in correcting their weaknesses.

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