Texas Continuing Education Units: A Professional Development Guide For The Novice Educators

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With the dynamic nature of the teaching profession, the need for teachers’ professional development has become extremely important. After all, it is the quality of the teaching that influences the shaping up of young minds and motivating them in the right direction for their own, as well as their country’s better future. Texas continuing education units impart a variety of skills and qualities necessary for the provision of the right education to students.

What is the need for teacher’s professional development? It is out of doubt that a vast majority of our Primary-School-educators especially English educators are not aware of communicative English Language skills. Exploring quality issues is quite dark to them. One can always wonder where the educators are. Where are the students? Where is the curriculum?”

Even though we teach new students every year, we teach the same lessons, we see the same problems, but we get bored with what we do. Reviving our knowledge, competency and emotional base give us the opportunity to add interest and excitement to what we do and to get us out of our comfort zone and try something new and different.

By the five years cycle of education, students are supposed to learn how to master the 4 basic skills of English. More clearly, they become confident in understanding what the educators say in the classroom, they will read and understand from the text; they will speak English in the classroom and outside the classroom. Such students should also be able to write freely on familiar topics using simple words and sentences.

Teachers ought to be reminded of all the good strategies they have used in the past and forgotten. As a teacher, you need to be assured and acknowledged that you are handling things well. Teachers are often in isolation; inside their classroom and very busy n staff rooms and do not get the chance to obtain feedback that informs them of doing the right thing. Thus, attending professional development programs and sharing their experiences with each other serves as a reminder that you are on track.

To get the most out of PD, an action plan must be formulated. The new knowledge should be put to use immediately while you are still enthusiastic about the ideas and they are still fresh in your memory. The best way to ensure your enthusiasm stays strong is to attend the learning course with another teacher. That allows you to feed off each other’s energy and compare notes on how you used the new ideas. It is important to share your success and even your failures because they can teach you much.

The most pitiable thing is that most English educators take their classes in their native tongue, I mean in Bangle. Students, therefore, reply on memorizing some words, rhymes, translation and paragraphs or essays only to cut a good figure in the exam. Consequently, students fail to achieve their goal from this competency-based curriculum. And educators’ unconscious efforts end in smoke. To make the teaching-learning activities interesting, enjoyable and meaningful, we should make quality educators developing their knowledge, skills, understanding, and outlook.

Colleagues will share with you, ideas that work. Besides, they will offer you advice on what does not work. This sharing, particularly at question time and at meal breaks, is where the young teacher will learn most from PD opportunities.

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