Seven Amazing Features Of English Teacher In Toronto

Reminiscing back on my school days, a particular subject always pops up. English classes. While most people were never dedicated study enthusiasts during those days, something about English teacher in Toronto always strikes out as superhuman. Something about them stands out from the rest of the teachers.

They are zealous people. The great deal of passion shown by these English mentors is mesmerizing. The way they described that beautiful character from a Shakespeare story book. Coupled with the heart they put into it and that mysterious ancient English style always put me in a trance. They easily paint that dreamy portrait of a gorgeous woman so vividly at the back of your head.

They are the realest book junkies I have ever met. Every time you would go to see them in the staff room, they had a different book in their hands. Not just a small book, but the huge kind. Probably hogging at least a staggering amount of 500 pages. They would even almost always be talking about what they read in class. It is eluding how these people always had the time for this. Besides, they were elder siblings, mothers or fathers with tones of domestic responsibilities.

They take the time to know each and every student of their class. Even the naughty exceptions that tend to sit at the back of the class and cheekily hit the ideal ones with paper for a good laugh. As a matter of fact, these kids are always in their best behaviour during English classes. Maybe this was due to the sense of genuineness these teaches possessed. They always had time for one on one sessions with their students. Taking time to understand each and every one of them with keen interest.

They possess secrets to the delicate balance between being structured and being spontaneous. One could never predict how the next English class could go. One could not even predict whether or not it would even happen inside the class. English teachers had the gift of seamlessly moving off book to get students to understand concepts. This too without leading to any sense of confusion among students. In fact, this was their magical way of showing different students their different weaknesses without much effort.

They love that tedious process of learning. It is what drives them from one day to the next. The enjoy listening to students talk, reading the creativity behind their stories and watching drama unfold in the classrooms. Although they do tend to frequently complain that it is too much, they have had enough, this process is what keeps them going. That intangible reward of satisfaction that comes from molding young minds in the classroom.

They make anything seem possible. They give you this strong emotional feeling that you are the man of steel. That nothing you want to learn is further than your arms reach. That you can learn better, become a better writer and an exemplary thinker. They make every problem in this world seem like a challenge.

Last, but not least, yet the most intriguing, is that how uneasy they get during exams they had set. It is a common habit to find them pacing along corridors as their students take their exams. This shows just how dedicated they are and how seriously they take their jobs.

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