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Why is it important to read fast? Beyond saving time when tackling a passage, swiftness allows you to cover more content in the shortest time. When extracting information, it is easier if you can read fast. Gurus in the speed reading world have shared their tips on reducing the time taken to complete a package. Here are proven tricks that will make you a fast reader.

Choose the right time to read. This is a trick that applies whether you are taking on the passage for leisure or to obtain information or details from a passage. Identify a time when the body and mind are relaxed and settled. A fresh mind processes information faster. If your body is not aching, it will enhance the processing pace for your mind. The best time could be in the morning or deep into the night. It is an issue of personal preference.

Choose the right content for your academic level, profession or discipline, age, etc. When content is understandable, the pace increases. Reading appropriate or relevant content motivates you to increase the pace. When it is too low, the motivation is none existent, when the content is too difficult, your brain will not process it as fast.

The environment or surrounding where you read has an effect on your speed. The presence of on-going conversations, noise, music, messenger alerts, etc distracts you from the text. Further, choose a comfortable desk where the text is appropriately illuminated. This allows you to concentrate longer without complains like cold or pressing and uncomfortable sitting position. The mind can focus fully on the text and thus increase the speed.

Have clear intentions on why you are reading the text. If the activity is for leisure purposes, you might not pay much attention to details. However, if your target is to extract information, you need to pay more attention to details. This will demand a different pace.

It is impossible to maintain a consistent pace in all circumstances. Factors like your physical state, the environment, the text, etc will always intervene. Be conscious of such differences and accommodate them in your evaluation of pace. Taking on a passage in the morning at the library and in traffic will result in different speeds.

It is possible to improve your pace by learning in class. There are institutions and freelance professionals who provide tutoring services. The tactics taught depend on where you are going to apply the fast pace. For instance, if you need to read loudly, the tactics will differ from where you read silently. When presenting to an audience, your pace needs to be moderated yet appropriate for the occasion. Experts in reading speeds will guide you on the tactics to use.

The speed at which you read is a product of numerous factors. The nature of your text, intentions, the environment and mastery of techniques taught all determine the overall pace and must be considered during evaluation. With the assistance of an expert, you can learn to increase your pace and thus become a guru. You will also learn how to take advantage of different environments as well as cope with other environments that you cannot control.

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