Managing Peace And Prosperity In The Middle East

May 31, 2017 | Author: | Posted in Education

The Islamic parts of the world are highly populated around the area between Egypt and Western Asia mainly. Terrorism acts have been claimed by this group of people all over the world. Recent attacks of the Manchester bombing and the gruesome attack on the Coptic Christians has been on their hands as well. All these acts and many others prove the existence of the challenges in the Middle East that the masses are trying to curb. Here are some of the ways to bring about Peace and prosperity in the middle east

The attacks do not only target the Christians but also Muslims. The attacks are so many and frequent that many people have began changing their way of viewing various things. This region is blessed with so many resources. This explains the reason for these attacks as people try to get the resources.

The challenges can be solved by different religion uniting in one accord to fight the acts of extremism. Most people view Islam as a religion that propagates the holy war but hat is not always the case. There are some Muslims that are very peaceful. The elites from the Islam world can preach the messages of peace and teach the Muslims against any acts of radicalization.

In Syria and Yemen so many kids are being killed while others are being separated from their families. The separation may result from the death of their parents or even they may run away as they try to escape from the attacks. To save these children and these regions different nations should unite. The leaders of these nations should come with effective ways of dealing with these rebel groups. This will save the regions from the economic crises they are facing.

Education in general is very crucial as it teaches a lot on the importance of saving life. Life is given by God and in learning the importance of forgiveness and preservation of life, the world would be a better place. The masses in this region fall short of this knowledge and believe in the law of an eye for an eye or in this case, a life for a life. In addition, there should be creation of jobs to help people earn a living and keep off of terrorism related activities.

Sometimes the political environment can be challenging for the victims of the violence to receive aid. When there are constant commotions, air strikes and the leaders not willing to cooperate, the human aids can be difficult to penetrate the areas.

Everyone has an opportunity to change their future no matter how bad their past is. Therefore, whatever things are going wrong in these regions can be resolved. The main cause of these attacks should be found. With this, practical solutions will be found. ISIL always claims to be responsible for any attack even if they are not involved. This shows that there are things that are yet to be found and disclosed. These things should be found and dealt with as soon as possible.

The youths are the major people involved with the. Good values needs to be instilled in them and they should learn different ways of making money to make them busy. When they are involved in the mission of nation building then there will be few suicide bombers and terrorists and the terror will greatly reduce. The issue of idleness and determination to join any fighting group is the root cause of these problems and the youths need to be taught the importance of peace.

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