How To Find A Good Montessori Wellesley School

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As you are on this article right now, chances are very good that you are in the market for a new school for your kids. In fact now that you have just moved into the area, you have made it a personal mission to find the best Montessori Wellesley school for your children or child as the case may be. In order for you to have an easier time at it, do read on in this article.

Before you do embark on your search, do go about and prepare a checklist beforehand. This will ensure that you leave no stone unturned and do no listen to others who may scoff at this idea. Remember that our pure memory cannot be relied on and sometimes it will falter. Having a checklist means we have everything in check, no pun intended.

Distance between where you live and where the school is should be considered as something of prime importance. When the school is close by, it will be advantageous to you as you can respond to any emergency that much sooner. Likewise if it is close to your home, it will mean less tardy times for your child and also your child can be picked up that much earlier from school when classes end.

A good reputation and a good track record in academics and child development is something that you should look at also. You can ask around from parents in the area or your neighborhood for a good school that you can try. Lacking this you can also go into local forums and ask around from people willing to help.

It is also a good idea to visit any school that you have a mind on and not just depend on adverts and brochures. Go to the school to make an actual ocular inspection and check out their facilities, especially looking at how good their security is and how safe their areas are, particularly playing areas. Cleanliness is something that you should look at too.

When at the school, it is also a good idea to look for the administrators and talk to them if you have time. Try to gauge their competence in running a school and ask about the achievements of the institution and its future plans. It is also a good idea to ask for a peek into the school calendar to see if the curriculum is well balanced between academic and non academic activities.

If teachers are also around during your visit then do talk to them about the Montessori method. In this way you can tell if they are genuine or not in their way of teaching. Remember that there are a lot of fake Montessori schools out there. Make sure also that class materials are evident in the rooms that are necessary to teach competencies in practical life, cosmic and sensorial capabilities.

Lastly do ask about the tuition fee and look over the fees. Many fees, will have extra fees that are a bit doubtful and are classified as miscellaneous fees. Actually these fees just fatten up the coffers. Look for a school that has not so many doubtful and hidden fees.

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