Good Reasons For Parents To Support Pre K For All In Astoria NY

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Most parents want the best for their children. Many go to great lengths to give them all the advantages of a good education to help ensure their future success. Not all parents are enthusiastic about sending children who are just three and four years old into a structured academic situation however. They prefer allowing such young kids to have unstructured play at home. Other New Yorkers are extremely supportive of pre K for all in Astoria NY.

There are numerous good reasons to enroll your child in a preschool class. For most kids, this will be their first experience in a structured environment. They are introduced to teachers as authority figures who are not their parents. Children begin interacting with their peers and learn to share, follow directions, and get accustomed to separating from their parents for an extended period of time.

Most experts agree that those children who participate in preschool have a much easier time adjusting to kindergarten. They have already mastered basic skills and are ready to move into more advanced areas of instruction. Parents, worried about boredom their children may face while having to wait for others to catch up, are reassured by experienced educators who know how to handle that particular challenge.

Small children get frustrated easily and not all of them know how to channel their negative energy. Preschool teachers are trained to help little ones work out issues without disrupting the entire classroom. Many little kids have never spent much time with children their own age. A structured classroom environment gives them a chance to learn how to interact with their peers in a social setting with adult supervision.

A lot of parents appreciate the value of language skills and effective communication. Reading to students and increasing their vocabulary is a priority in preschool. Most young students double their vocabulary and increase the length of their sentences during the year. Language specific subjects like math, science, music and art can be introduced to great effect.

Pre-math instruction is an area that really gives preschoolers an advantage over those who don’t begin structured education until kindergarten. At this young age, most children are not intimidated by math and love to play games involving things their parent seem to find important, like money. Good teachers make learning how to count coins, match like items, and build sturdy structures interesting and fun.

Along with academics, preschool teachers recognize that small kids have to burn off energy. They will give students time to play, exercise, and participate in activities designed to improve their motor skills and balance. Hand eye coordination abilities are strengthened during structured play.

Many parents are torn between wanting to provide quality education early for their young children and not forcing them to grow up too quickly. Early childhood education combines formal education with social and developmental opportunities. This can make a big difference when it comes to academic success.

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