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Meteorology is the study of the atmosphere. Meteorologists are the people who study the atmosphere by predicting the weather and climatic conditions of a place and examining the relationships between human beings and these atmospheric conditions. There are many instruments used by the meteorologist San Diego CA to achieve this objective.

One of these instruments is the Stevenson Screen. Some people started calling this equipment the thermometer shelter after it was designed by Thomas Stevenson. It is made up of a shelter guarding the meteorological devices against high wind, radiation, and precipitation.

The anemometer measures the speed of the wind. The hot wire type performs this using an electrically charged fine wire. Turbulent flows can be detected using this equipment. The vane anemometer is also sometimes referred to as the propeller anemometer. It measures the volume and the velocity of air.

The barometer is used by the weather forecaster to study the atmospheric pressure of an environment. It consists of the mercury barometer, the vacuum pump oil barometer, and aneroid barometer. The mercury type is made up of a glass tube sealed at one end and immersed in a container that is filled with mercury. The atmospheric pressure will make the mercury rise in the tube. The vacuum pump oil barometer uses vacuum pump oil as the working fluid while the aneroid barometer measures atmospheric pressure without the use of fluid.

Another name for the transmissometer is the telephotometer. This special instrument transmits light rays by using a light source and detector. Pilots use this device to also get some facts about the atmospheric condition of the environment.

The lidar sensor is an optical sensor and device that is mostly used in assessing the distance of an environment. The scientist uses the laser light to check the distance between the sensor and the target. Other uses of the lidar may include its application in the forest and dense mountains.

The thermometer is a widely recognized instrument used by the meteorologist and other scientists. It determines the temperature of a particular place by utilizing a covered glass tube that is capable of expansion or contraction, depending on the changes of the temperature in that area and the thermometric substance it encloses. Many people make use of the resistance thermometer, gas thermometer, K-type thermometer, and the infra- red thermometer.

The wind profiler measures the wind using radio waves and sound waves. The speed and direction of the wind at various heights above the ground are detected using this device. Scientists make use of this device in planning flight because it assesses the velocity and also measures the component of the air during movement. The solar wind profiler and radar wind profiler are vivid examples of these instruments.

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