Managed Services in New York Avoids the “Break/Fix” Cycle

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Is your New York-based company or organization still relying upon the traditional break/fix model of IT support? The old adage “don’t fix it if it ain’t broke” does not translate to the IT world. Maintaining systems and monitoring them so you can catch problems before they become much more catastrophic will help ensure your IT systems are running at peak efficiency all the time. It also reduces costs in the long run. Emergency repairs alone can cost a bundle. However, the bulk of your losses will be in reduced productivity including lost sales and even lost data while your systems are down.

Managed IT services in New York are based on an advanced model of IT support and management that help avoid system outages. This proactive maintenance approach will help streamline your business workflows and reduce the risk of catastrophic events.

8 Signs It’s Time to Switch to Managed Services in New York

  1. Your systems are breaking down more often than they should
  2. You are paying more to fix them than they are worth 
  3. You regularly have to change budget to account for emergency IT expenses 
  4. You can’t invest in other areas of your organization because your IT support is taking a large share of your funds
  5. Your business is more susceptible to cyber attacks than before
  6. Your in-house IT staff is overwhelmed with the growing number of technical issues faced each day
  7. Your IT operational needs are growing but no expert is there to handle them
  8. You find yourself consistently “held hostage” waiting for emergency IT support

What a Managed Services Provider in New York Can Offer You

Not all managed service providers in New York are alike, so it pays to shop around. Some specialize in niche areas such as networking while others offer more comprehensive services including cybersecurity, database backup and recovery plans, and even services such as VoIP installation. Managed service providers that offer the most comprehensive services tend to be the best bet because they can ensure all your IT systems are integrated, secured, and working at peak efficiency.

Most managed services in New York are flexible enough to be scaled up or down to your needs. The better providers offer flat-fee packages so that you can keep closer control of your costs. They can also provide estimates for work done outside of the managed IT services package such as installing a new network, changing to cloud services, or similar IT projects.

  • Flat-rate packages provide better cost management
  • Managed IT service packages reduce overall costs because they allow you to proactively maintain your systems
  • Expert technical help is always available when you need it (look for vendors who provide 24/7 emergency service)
  • The better managed service providers in New York will also be able to help you plan the future of your systems including upgrading old equipment, moving to new technologies, and expanding your systems to meet the needs of your growing organization
  • Real-time monitoring of your IT systems will reduce downtime
  • Packages should also include a cybersecurity component to ensure that your networks, database, and other systems are secured to reduce the risk of cyber threats

Switching to Managed Services in New York is Easy

Switching to managed services in New York is easy, though you should spend some time finding the right IT provider. As mentioned above, look for companies that provide fixed-fee and scalable packages, comprehensive services, and 24/7 emergency services. After an initial assessment of your systems, your managed service provider will make recommendations for moving forward including any upgrades you may need, cybersecurity issues that they notice, and ideas for improving efficiencies.

CompCiti Business Solutions, Inc. is one of the most trusted managed service providers in New York. Since 1996, CompCiti has provided IT installation and maintenance, networking, cybersecurity, and other services. With 24/7 emergency services, monthly fixed-rate managed service packages, and certifications from IT leaders including Microsoft and ISACA, CompCiti provides reliable managed services in New York. Call today at (212) 594-4374 for a free phone consultation to find out how CompCiti can help your organization cut costs and improve productivity.

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