Why You Should Have Annual Grand Prairie Boilers Service

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If you have thought about replacing your heater in the near future, there are some factors you should consider. These should ensure that as you go out searching for a new boiler to replace the old, you get one that will meet all the expectations that the old Grand Prairie Boilers could not.

Combination boilers: These are the boilers which provide heat without a use of any hot water tank. They don’t require any water tank in your store room, which save lots of space in your house. Basically, combination heaters are those planted on walls, which can be placed on any wall in your home. They occupy very less space in your house. They can be fitted in your kitchen cupboards.

The high efficiency or condensing boilers as they are known while running produce condense, this is an acidic water, because it is acidic, it can start to corrode the flue-pipe, and should this happen the flue will start to leak products of combustion (carbon monoxide), which as we all know can be very dangerous to life, this is one of the most important parts of the service.

The main advantages of using combination heaters for your homes are: Suitable for small houses and flats, by using them you get instant hot water at a required pressure giving you the warm water in your shower and taps, the main advantage of using combination heaters is that they are very easy to install and don’t cause much disturbance. By using them in your house, you can save all the space which is generally occupied by hot want tank, most of the heaters are 90% energy efficient, saving your energy bills and environment

The combination boiler supplies both hot water and heating without the need of having any storage tanks. The problem though is many people don’t understand how they work. Let me explain, the combination boiler can only supply so much hot water at a time, so if you were in the shower and someone opens the hot tap in the kitchen, you may notice the shower turns cold.

Have you ever noticed when your boiler is running that the pressure gauge either fitted on the boiler or on external pipe starts to rise then when the boiler cools down the pressure drops down to zero? You may even have noticed that the discharge pipe or overflow pipe as some people call it is showing signs of water discharge. If you have then this is normally an indication that the expansion vessel has lost its charge.

Replacing your boiler can be a little stressful not knowing which boiler to choose and any improvements that need to be done. Any new gas boiler that is installed today has to by law be registered, so the days of asking the guy down the road to replace your boiler are over, unless he is gas safe registered.

With an annual boiler service these are just a few of the checks that need to be carried out, and because many boilers now come with long warranties, to keep the boiler warranty valid you must have an annual boiler service. Once the service has been carried out, then the engineer needs to date and sign the warranty booklet to keep the warranty valid.

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