Using The Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Houston For The Patient Benefit

Health plays an important role in the life of every individual; therefore, it is necessary to take every step possible to maximize your health and maintain a long and happy life. While there are many opportunities available for individuals to take advantage of, when it comes to improving health, there are also common misperceptions that exist, which limit an individual’s understanding of all that is possible. As a person ages, the effects of hormone imbalances become more and are often blindly accepted by individuals as a fact of life. With the bioidentical hormone replacement therapy Houston (BHRT), the imbalances can be subdued.

Hormones are the body’s chemical messengers. They are secreted by the endocrine directly to the blood stream from where they are transported to their target destination for specific operation of the given organs. From this definition, we can infer that if and when these hormones fail to do their job for whatever reason, the body experiences some form of malfunction and this causes problems in the body.

These hormones control vital functions in the body, making them very important. Some examples of the functions they control or affect are reproduction, growth, digestion, metabolism, respiration, tissue, excretion, lactation, stress, growth and development, sensory perception, sleep, movement etc.

The doctor will run a number of tests to determine is there is imbalance and determine which specific hormones may be in short supply or in excess. With the correct results, the doctor can go ahead to develop the BHRT.

BHRT, on the other hand, makes use of hormones that are chemically similar to the natural hormones produced by the body. The other difference is that HRT relies on standardized doses of one or two hormones while BHRT is customized for every patient.

These symptoms can include hot flashes that become very uncomfortable for an individual, regardless of the exterior temperature of their body. Even memory loss and a reduction in sex drive can be factors that are created through the menopausal results of hormone balance. Rather than simply accepting these symptoms as a fact of life, look towards the possibilities that exist with individuals utilizing BHRT.

This opportunity represents a unique solution available to any individual who is looking to overcome the uncomfortable situations that are generated as a result of menopausal symptoms. By finding a remedy that will provide your body with the necessary hormones to overcome these imbalances, you will find a tremendous number of advantages that will benefit any individual.

To summarize the above, we can safely say that the difference between HRT and BHRT is that in one case, the supplemental hormones used does not have the same molecular structure as those produced in and by the body while in the other case (BHRT), the supplemental hormones used have the same molecular structure as those produced in and by the body.

While very few side effects have been reported with this solution, you should be very careful when undergoing the treatment. This is because there are some dubious doctors who might try to administer the treatment to you. For safety, it is advisable to carry out a wider research to find the most reputable doctors in your area for the treatment. You should remember that the decision to under the therapy should be between you and the doctor. As a rule of thumb, you should not undertake the therapy if your doctor feels that you don’t have to.

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