Important Information Regarding Reclaimed Siding And Their Value

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Materials can be used again from previous projects or buildings for a newer project that you are working on. These reclaimed materials can be altered, refinished or sizes changed but not reprocessed to maintain their original form. Those that in any way have been reprocessed are referred to as recycle materials.

Sidings are applied to the exterior walls for protection from weather, water and adding aesthetics to the house. These things could be reused for different purposes and are called reclaimed siding and usually came from barns and are made out of wood. Here are some things to know about when selling or buying them.

You have to know the species of your wood because it is one way of determining its value. There are those which are inherently valuable due to their species being rare and unavailable in the market today because of old age and not used as much anymore. If its age is less than two decades and they are common in the market today then they are not worth much.

Dimensions are important because the larger timbers have more worth than the smaller ones. Sample of these are those that can be sawed into wider boards and are longer because there are more possible uses for them. Beams are also more valuable when compared to boards as they are thicker than them.

Their condition should be of the highest quality to have the highest possible price by not having any damage on it. Samples of damages that can lower the value are those from insects, rotten pockets and large checks. The presence of metal objects like nails and screws would also affect their price and lower it as a result.

Dry woods which were protected properly from natural elements have more value compared to those that have been waterlogged and rotted for years. If you own antique boards and timbers, protect them by placing them indoors and covering them. Placing a stick in between would separate and allow air to circulate.

Having a large supply would also be helpful because people are looking to buy in bulk whenever possible. Specially if your supply consist of all high quality materials which will worth possibly more. They want to buy in bulk because handling and shipping for the large and heavy products are expensive so doing them in one go is an advantage.

They could be more valuable by having them arranged properly in a way that they can be reached easily. The arrangement will help in reducing their expense in shipping and handling so they have more to pay you. Haphazardly piling them makes it harder for them reach the products and additional time for organizing will be used which reduces their worth.

Ring density is also one way in checking how valuable they really are and those that are very close are more expensive. Wider growth rings are a sign of them growing fast and are not that valuable. It is important to know these things so check them when buying or selling reclaimed wood.

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