How to Buy Water Purifier For Your Home Or Office? Few Aspects to Consider

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The current market is filled with a whole range of water purifiers that vary from simple water filters to advanced purifiers employing membrane technology for filtration followed by decontaminated with UV lamp filters.

Let’s face it, if you do a little reading about water purification, it will make it easier for you to shop for an effective water purifier. There are a number of water purifiers on the market. Some designed to “fit any decor”. But, what really matters is what the system does, not how it looks on your countertop.

Anyway, let’s discuss about the most practical aspects you should take into account before investing in a water purifier.

Q1. Do you know what all different water borne diseases?

Most of Nairobi people suffer from water borne diseases due to two factors; First of all lack of drinking water and second improper waste disposal to running waters.  Typhoid, cholera and many other diseases is common to young and youth.  Also Nitrate, bacteria, dissolved insecticides, and lead are the most expected health affecting impurities exist in water.

Q2. Are you concerned about Treat your drinking water?

It depends on the nature of source of water, a Bore well, Open well, fountain, supplied one.  Unless its government sponsored reservoir there is less chance the water gets a treatment for purity.  Mostly people boil water or use filter and most even never take this seriously

Q3. Is Boiling water is Safe to drink?

The answer is ‘No’ as you still need to filter it to remove the scaly Fluorides and settled pigments but it’s definitely germ free.

Q4. Factor motivate you consider most when you purchase water purifier?

Off course its Health and Safety first followed by nature of Filtration capability, technology it use and finally the Price of the Water Purifier.

Q5. Are you inclined towards a new Water Purifier with various price ranges?

Water purifies are so portable these can be carried to  a road show, installed as demo piece or even used on door to door marketing. You probably have a liking for a typical model which you came across a roadshow due to its capacity, portability, easy installation method etc.

Q7. Is the type of Sales Services and part replacement easy?

It is obvious that a Water Purifier removes impurity but it also gets a wear and tear. Hence you must be choosing a brand which is durable, easy to replace the parts and they are available to the market place.

Q8. Energy Saving factors?

Choose a model which consumes less Electricity; some time if electricity if not available, you will keep waiting till you get the supply; Hence having a storage based filtration system works well.  Every water purifier works with RO and UV protected filtration.  But  when it come to a question of installation on a Small house  to al installation in Large buildings Offices, warehouses, storefronts , Medical Building the size and quantity of filtration does vary.  Hence the utility bill too. Even some segment of a people does use activated carbon purifiers where the power supply is infrequent.

After all you need the contamination free water and if the water has more hardness and salinity, RO based water filter remains to be a good option for household or commercial use.

Now that you are armed with this useful info, so you can easily compare one water purifier to another and make the best choice for your home or office. In home or office, water purification is not a luxury. You & your family need clean water, so do yourself a favor and take action today for the well-being of everyone related to you.

AquaVita provides a rental program that includes all service and filters for home and commercial use. This means you know exactly how much your water expense will be annually. It is conventionally found that bottled waters are more costly, non-hygienic and it costs 30%more than the cost in adopting a UV Water filter. Choose to buy or rent a product model by estimating the volume of water your workplace uses.  AquaVita Llc is a pioneer in best water purifier in Nairobi which can optimize Water Purifier Price; Check with us at Free one week trial +255 222296270.

This article is written by AquaVita that offers bottles office drinking water in Nairobi at the most affordable price. Feel free to check out our Purifier Water Price in Nairobi now.

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