How Do a Heat Pump Work in Cold Weather?

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Most homeowners are much concerned about heating and cooling solution for their home. But they don’t have any idea that heat pumps work very well in cold climates. Usually, they work using the same principle like freezers, fridges, and air conditioners. The process is known as refrigeration cycle – works by passing outside air over a large heat exchanger collecting its energy.

A Cold Weather heat pump is responsible for the transfer of energy from a source to other. Generally, it pulls the warm energy from the ground and delivers to house through a plethora of heat exchange procedures. But when it comes to heat pumps for cold climates, a compressor is used to compress outside air energy to concentrated temperature energy and then it’s passed over another heat exchanger. Now the heat exchanger helps in transferring the compressed energy to water or glycol heating solution, then pumped into a storage tank in order to distribute as required to different parts of your home.

How Does Refrigeration Cycle Work on a Cold Climate Heat Pump –

Usually, cold weather heat pumps are designed specifically to work in temperature – below freezing point. However, you should know that the air below the freezing has nearly the same relative energy like above freezing point. Only in space – the temperature is absolute zero (-273C), there is no energy in the air. So, it’s obvious that cold air has energy.

It’s obvious that warm air has more energy and collision of molecules as compared to cold air. Eventually, it will migrate to cold air in order to establish equilibrium. Therefore, using a cold liquid like Freon – doesn’t freeze until -50C can cause -25 C hot air to transfer its energy to Freon inside the heat pumps.

Different materials have different boiling points. It can be changed by just adding or reducing pressure. You know that water has a boiling point of 100 C at 14.69 psi. So, if you reduce the pressure, water can boil quickly. For instance, on Mount Everest, with a pressure of only 4.89 psi water boils at around 71 C. This is due to less pressure. When it comes to heat pumps in cold weather, it uses Freon – transitions from liquid state to gaseous at much lower temperature than water. However, by adjusting the pressure of Freon, the heat pump can work very well. Usually, heat pumps use a refrigerant, like R410 a – an appropriate option for colder climates. Even, this refrigerant can be made to boil as cold as -50 C by reducing the pressure of a heat pump.

Working Principle of Cold Climate Heat Pumps –

  • First of all the cold Freon passes through a heat exchanger and naturally the warm energy of outside air moves toward the colder Freon. As a result, the cold Freon absorbs energy.
  • When Freon starts heating up, it starts evaporating and comes to its gaseous state.
  • After that, Freon is compressed with the help of a compressor. Then, the temperature will be raised as its volume decreases gradually.
  • The hot gas is passed over another heat exchanger so that water transitions to cold state and heats up a water or glycol loop.
  • Consequently, the refrigerant loses its heat and comes to its liquid state to start the refrigeration cycle again. 

Hence it’s very much ecofriendly, green earth concept to bring warm to your home or business. Adaption of it becomes a choice to everyone as it is a less costly affair.

Conclusion –

It’s all about the basics of the refrigeration cycle in a cold climate heat pump. Now you must have got a clear grasp on how a cold weather heat pump works at your home or office. So, why are you waiting for? It’s time to invest in heat pumps in cold weather for your home. Off course you will like saving 80% of energy.

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