Tips To Handle Water Intrusion Damage Assessment Florida

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Leaking pipes and leaking roofs are common problems especially in the rainy seasons. They give way to water to intrude into places which should be kept dry. When water gets into the places it does not belong, it causes damage to the surrounding area such as sagging ceilings, rusting metals and crumbling sheetrock. Besides pipe leakages, some causes of water damage are natural such as floods and hurricanes. Either way, losses can be incurred if proper treatment is not undertaken. This article highlights the basic facts about water intrusion damage assessment Florida.

There is a very common saying today which goes like treat the disease not the symptoms. In this case, you need to deal with the source of the water to prevent further damages. Applying plaster to seal the cracks and crevices may not be very helpful as long you have not identified the source. Harmful fungi and molds may start forming if you delay to act and this may result into serious health issues.

To keep your house from becoming a pool, you need to identify the source of that moisture. Mostly it leaks into the house either from above or from underground. There could be many crevices on the attic floor but with patience you will be able to identify the ones causing intrusion of water. Meanwhile you can use a container to collect the leaking water to prevent indoor flooding or waterlogging your household items.

Water seeping into the house through the door is an indication that your drainage pipes and tunnels are not serving their purpose. You need to remove silt or dead animals that are blocking them to allow free and fast flow of running water. Corrugated gutters can help you take it away from anywhere near the foundations of your building.

Ventilate the affected area or rooms. This can be done by leaving the windows open. Turn on the fans to increase the circulation of fresh air in the rooms, thus reducing the amount of damp air circulating. Dry every wet item to prevent harmful microbes from growing.

If that does not solve the problem, then it is the high time you contacted the experts to help you contain the situation. These guys are experienced in restoring the situation to its normal state at a very considerate cost.

These professionals bring with them structural drying equipment which hasten the rate of moisture evaporation. Another important equipment which is used alongside these other equipment to control dampness is the dehumidifier. The combination work to prevent microbes and spore growth which if not controlled can compromise the structural integrity of your home.

Once the rooms have been dried up, the next thing is to put everything in its place. For the items that were waterlogged, do not rush to throw them away. First consult dumpsters and they will help you determine if there is something that can be done to them. You will be surprised to know that some of the items you were to throw away can actually be restored.

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