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If you want to allow yourself to work inside The United Nations then you must need to have E-2 visa and renew it after every two years. This visa is available for both investors and non- investors. However, this visa is not available to the citizen of all the countries. In order to apply for visa the applicant needs to apply at the U.S. Embassy or consulate accredited to their places of permanent address. An interview is being conducted by the embassy. Digital fingerprint scan of the applicant is often taken before the interview.


The E-2 visa application process varies from country to country as there is often a difference in policies and visa procedures. Some documents are also required as the proof in the process of gaining visa like that of a photograph, a business registration for The United States, proof of source income, wire transfer, proof of intent to return to your country. This E-2 visa is available to citizens of 30+ nations who have signed Trade Treaties with United States. It enables an individual with significant funds to invest in U.S with the purpose of setting up a business, practice or office. This visa may also cover the spouse and other immediate family member like unmarried children. E2 visa may also be extended to other personnel who will occupy executive position or who will meet the definition of “employee” in law. It can also be extended to the one who is considered to be essential to the running of the business. To have this visa the individual investor must demonstrate the sole purpose foe entering the U.S. This can normally be shown by having either a minimum stake of 50% in the business or significant managerial or leadership position that gives a operational control. The investment can either be put into a new company or into an existing company. Well, these applications suggest that the business must employ at least three to five other people. On E2 visa you can work legally in U.S. you can travel freely in and out of the U.S.  Stay on prolonged bases unlimited two years as long as you maintain the E-2 qualification, your spouse may also work in U.S. while your dependent may also attend any school, college or university. There is no need to get a separate student visa for them.   Argentina , Australia , Bangladesh, Belgium, Egypt, Japan Omon, Norway, Netherlands, Finland, Germany, Egypt, Turkey, Ukraine, Srilanka etc. are some of the countries which fall under this treaty. Upon conclusion of the business, investors must return to their countries of origin, or change their status. The United States Department of State does not allow dual intent for this type of visa, although it is possible for E-2 visa holders to adjust their status to immigrant status.

The holder of an E-2 visa may leave the United States at any time.


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