BPO Turns In Bangladesh

According to an Indian organization in 2012 Indian IT services and tech produces more than it’s expectation and it’s higher than 2011 it was 17.4 percent. It’s gradually increased and it will remain at the end of the BPO industry until the BPO industry will not vanish. According to the last estimate, the net revenue of Indian BPO industry is around 100 billion.

Regarding the Philippines, Outsourcing business is contributed 10% of annual GDP by BPO. On behalf of Bangladesh, this BPO industry is rapidly growing. Because of the opportunity. Average labor cost which is less than others. While India & China bears almost double for the similar person.

The other functional cost is also minimum in Bangladesh. Large parts of this population are speaking English well and very much service minded. Bangladesh has already shown its class in the call center business. But more things are expecting from our pioneers.

Business method Outsourcing” is comparatively a brand new domain of employment in Bangladesh. It started with a restricted range of outsourced decision centers for international customers back in early 2000. However, landmark year of BPO trade was 2009 once the medium trade has taken the lead and started outsourcing to native BPO service suppliers. Since then several firms native and multinationals started outsourcing their back workplace operations that was extremely crucial within the origin of native BPO trade.

But the predominance of decision centers and client cares in BPO trade don’t signal real potential and capability of Bangladeshi human capital. Bangladesh may be a country that is manufacturing each year nearly 0.5 million graduates on business, info technology, engineering, medical and humanities discipline.

BPO companies like Telco Services Australia (TSA) group have major set up shop in Philippines cities. A leading outsourced sales and services provider in telemarketing services. Also one of the largest provider’s Telstra, Australia. And it creates more job opportunity which is joyful for Philippine’s. BPO industries are the most suitable business in this era. Example, like Telenor which own networks 13 countries including Bangladesh. Also, run its operations in 29 countries.

In Bangladesh, it’s function by the name of Grameen Phone. So we have the perfect scenario of BPO. So we need to focus on our BPO industry to keep the example in our hand. Because Bangladesh can perform in the first row of BPO business if our pioneer pursues well and utilize the value of time properly then Bangladesh can set up a milestone and earn more foreign currency which can build our economy more resourceful by BPO. And it could be the turning point for the nation through BPO.

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